Virtual Disney Trivia – Where to Participate in Trivia From Home

Where to do Disney trivia online

Virtual Disney Trivia – Where to Participate in Trivia From Home

With most bars and restaurants closed, in-person trivia nights probably won’t occur for awhile. If you’re obsessed with participating in Disney trivia like me, there’s good news! There are many companies and individuals creating Disney trivia you can do from your home via Zoom or Twitch. So show off your Disney knowledge and binge watch Disney movies to prepare for all the Disney trivia fun you can find online:

Quiz Like Me (Free to Play)

Quiz Like Me is a new Disney trivia Twitch channel run by two of my friends and huge Disney fans Sarah Sterling and Tiff Mink. You can follow them on Instagram to get the latest news on when they will have a new Quiz Like Me trivia night. You can play individually, or do a screen share via Zoom with a team. Throughout the night, random winners are drawn for cool Disney prizes. 

Sporcle ($5 to Play)

Sporcle has been offering lots of virtual trivia, with a $5 fee per device. You can play on a team, or individually. They offer lots of pop culture topics, and have done a couple Disney nights with them (my husband and I won their Disney Music trivia!). Sporcle doesn’t offer any prizes, but it’s still a fun quarantine activity to do. You can find a list of their upcoming trivia nights here.

Disney Official Trivia (Free to Play)

If you’re not wanting to play again other people and just want to test your own knowledge, you can find lots of different Disney trivia quizzes on Disney’s website, as well as Disney Parks specific trivia on the Play Disney Parks app

King Trivia (Free to Play)

King Trivia has been hosting a few different virtual trivia nights, most recently themed to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. You can find their schedule on their site here. On the trivia night they stream it on Twitch, and you can play with a team by having one person watching on Twitch and screen share via Zoom. While it is free to play, they provide their Venmo information since every $5 you choose to optionally send puts you in a raffle to win a prize pack (they’ve honestly been really good prizes). 

Facebook Events

The above listed are places where you can continuously find trivia, but there are lots of coffee shops, pubs, and individuals hosting trivia right now as an occasional event to help make up for lost income during closures, or to raise money for good causes, or just for fun as a virtual community activity! On Facebook, just head to the search bar and type “Disney trivia”, click on “Events” and filter to click “next week” or “this week” for dates to filter out any past trivia nights. 

To look for ways to have more Disney fun at home, you can check out the “Disney Magic Indoors” section of my blog here.

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