My Top 5 Favorite Podcasts on Stitcher

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My Top Five Favorite Podcasts on Stitcher

As someone who has lived in Southern California practically her whole life, commuting in my car is the norm. The combination of living in Los Angeles where most things are spread out, and some days working from home, I listen to a lot of podcasts on Stitcher, a podcast streaming platform. Not only do they offer thousands of podcasts you can stream for free, but they also offer lots of content available if you subscribe as a Stitcher Premium member (I’ve been one for two years!). I want to share my love of podcasts with you guys with a special promo code for the Premium service, and share my top five favorite podcasts on Stitcher (both on the free app and Premium).

Stitcher and Stitcher Premium

First before we dive into my top five favorite podcasts on Stitcher, I wanted to share with you a little more about Stitcher and Stitcher Premium (plus a discount code to try out Premium). Stitcher is a podcast streaming app that’s completely free to download, you can listen to on iPhone, tablet, Android, Amazon Echo, on your PC or in your car. You can create playlists of your favorite shows and episodes to easily access your favorite podcasts (I love listening to my playlists on a long drive since I can just press play then drive hands-free). You can download the app for free here.

Stitcher Premium is Stitcher’s subscription service, that offers some episodes of many podcasts exclusive for Premium members. They also offer whole podcast series (including some of my favorite below) that you can listen to as a Stitcher Premium member. They offer monthly payments for the subscription ($4.99) or an annual payment option (equalling $2.99 a month). If you want to check out all Stitcher Premium has to offer, you can use promo code HealthyMouse here to get a month for free!

Walt Disney Family Museum Podcast

The Walt Disney Family Museum is a museum in San Francisco, CA founded by Walt Disney’s daughter, Diane Disney Miller. The museum goes through the extensive history of Walt’s life. Well recently, The Walt Disney Family Museum has created a podcast where they have conversations about Walt’s life and legacy. They talk about some pretty amazing items from the museum’s collection too. This podcast is available to listen to for free on Stitcher!

Walt Disney Family Museum podcast available for free on the Stitcher app - one of my top five favorite podcasts on Stitcher!

Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade, hosted by Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, is an amazing combination of humor and news. Each week they talk about current events in the news and politics affecting women and LGBTQ communities. They are serious when need be, yet balance it out with talking about their daily lives. I always leave finish an episode of their podcast feeling like I just had a great yet important topical conversation with good friends. Episodes of this podcast are also available for free on Stitcher here.

Throwing Shade Presents: Groceries

This leads me to one of my favorite podcasts of all time – Throwing Shade Presents: Groceries. As someone who cooks at home daily, I go grocery shopping a lot. Well on this podcast, a spin-off show of Throwing Shade with hosts Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi, Bryan and Erin go to a different grocery store for each episode, then they chat about their experiences together. They cover the history of the grocery store, weird grocery store finds, and overall experience. It’s absolutely hilarious, and very relatable! I have re-listened to the episodes of this podcast probably more than any other podcast! It’s great to have on while driving, getting ready for bed at night, or working and needing something funny and lighthearted to listen to! This podcast is available if you subscribe to Stitcher Premium.

Throwing Shade Groceries is on Stitcher Premium on the Stitcher app - one of my top five favorite podcasts on Stitcher!


This podcast, also available for Stitcher Premium subscribers is non-stop laughter! It stars host of the long-time podcast Comedy Bang Bang Scott Aukerman (who also recently directed the Between Two Ferns movie on Netflix), comedian Paul F. Tompkins (who is also the voice of one of the thugs in Tangled and Tangled the Series!), and Lauren Lapkus (you may have seen her in Jurassic World, or as Zach Galifianakis’ assistant in the Between Two Ferns movie). It is three of my favorite comedians together in one podcast discussing the world around them and having fun conversations for an hour. You can’t go wrong!

D23 Inside Disney

This has recently become one of my new favorite podcasts, which just debuted after Disney’s D23 Expo this year! It is the only official Disney podcast, and is hosted by D23 (the official Disney fan club) president Jeffrey Epstein, who chats with a couple different people each week about the latest things happening at Disney Parks, as well as what’s happening behind-the-scenes at D23 and Disney Parks to create the magic for guests!

D23 Inside Disney podcast available for free on the Stitcher app - one of my top five favorite podcasts on Stitcher!

Those are some of my top five favorite podcasts on Stitcher, but am always wanting to try out more! Share your favorite podcasts with me on Twitter! And don’t forget you can use promo code HealthyMouse to get a free month of Stitcher Premium!

Top 5 favorite podcasts to listen to on Stitcher and Stitcher Premium

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