Top 8 Romantic Thing to Do For FREE at Disneyland

The Top 8 Romantic Things to do for Free at Disneyland Resort - Romantic Things at Disney - Valentine's Day at Disneyland - Free things to do at Disneyland

Top 8 Romantic Things to Do for FREE at Disneyland

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of us are brainstorming of what romantic date ideas we can do for our loved one…especially for a loved one that loves Disney! You don’t have to go to Blue Bayou or find a way to get into Club 33 to having a romantic time at Disneyland Resort (although either of those would be awesome). Once you have a Disney ticket or annual pass, there are so many wonderful FREE things you can do at the resort that make for a great date night. I’ve compiled a list of my top 8 choices of free romantic things to do at Disneyland Resort to help you in your Valentine’s Day plans:


8. Mark Twain

Although the Mark Twain is currently not cruising down the Rivers of America (due to Star Wars Land construction), you can still walk aboard the riverboat. Part of Mark Twain’s charm is that it has been there since day one of Disneyland! It is a classic attraction, and looks beautiful lit at night. It is also a very romantic place to view the sunset, espeically while seated in the front of Mark Twain. You can spend quite a while exploring or just sitting with your significant other holding hands on the water while chatting or people watching. No matter how many times you’ve gone on the Mark Twain, it never gets old!


7. World of Color

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Seeing World of Color at Disney California Adventure always makes for a romantic evening. If you want a more close-up view, be sure to get a fast pass for a viewing area earlier in the day. But if you plan to make just a date night of it and go closer to show time, there tends to always be room to stand and watch from the front of the Little Mermaid ride. What’s great about World of Color is that they have different versions of the show pretty frequently, so it always feels fresh. Watching a night time show of color, water, and lights on the beautiful view of Paradise Pier is great site to be seen while cuddling with the one you love!


6. See Frozen: Live at the Hyperion


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A classic date night is seeing theater and having dinner. However, seeing a Broadway style show can be quite expensive. Fortunately, you can see the Frozen stage show at California Adventure for FREE (it’s part of the attractions included in your admission). You can go early and get a Fastpass for a specific seating area. The show is dazzling, and feels like a Broadway show. It is sure to be a hit for that classic “dinner and a show” date night feel. And what’s more romantic for Valentine’s than watching a show about true love?


5. Storybook Land Canal Boats

The Top 8 Romantic Things to do for Free at Disneyland Resort - Romantic Things at Disney - Valentine's Day at Disneyland - Free things to do at Disneyland

Right behind the Carousel in Fantasyland, is one of my favorite rides: The Storybook Land Canal Boats. It is a ride where you cruise around storybook set-ups in a little boat, while a tour guide talks about the scenes you are seeing (from classic Disney films). This is a great ride for any age or any time of day, but is absolutely amazing at night time. It is so romantic to go on a boat at Disneyland, surrounded by twinkle lights, while hearing about Disney fairy tales! The ride is closed during the fireworks, so be sure if this is on your romantic date night agenda to go earlier in the evening!


4. Sit in Front of the Fireplace


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If you want a romantic experience that’s a bit quieter and less crowded, then I recommend cuddling up next to the fireplaces in the lobby of the Grand Californian Hotel. There are entrances to the hotel both through Downtown Disney and California Adventure. In the lobby, right by where the pianist plays, is a large fireplace with incredibly comfy rocking chairs. You can get a drink at the Hearthstone Lounge nearby, and sip it while being warm and cozy in the private fireplace nook! It’s one of my favorite things to do when relaxing by myself or for a more low-key date night option.


3. Fireworks

Of course I had to include this on my list! Seeing the Disneyland fireworks is something everybody has to see at some point! Fireworks are always romantic, but when you get to see fireworks from Main Street with the view of the castle, it is pure magic. If you want to avoid some crowds, a favorite fireworks viewing place for me is by It’s a Small World. You won’t necessarily hear all the music that is supposed to go along with the show, but you will still get a great view of the fireworks, and won’t get stuck in the crowd exiting the park via Main Street.


2. Lilly Belle Train Car

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Although the Disneyland Railroad isn’t running at the moment, when it is up and running early risers can get a chance to ride in the Lilly Belle Presidential Train Car. This is a completely enclosed, Victorian style train car. It is very lavish, and if you get the chance to ride you will feel like a Disney VIP. To get to ride, you go to the train station at 9am (arrive a few minutes before 9am to get in line), and at that time conductors will begin to put down names for a list for those who will get to go on (it’s first come, first serve). You will get a special souvenir ticket you can keep in your couple keepsake box, too!


1. Disney’s Electrical Parade

Picking my number one choice for a free romantic thing to do at Disney was no easy task, but I had to pick the Electrical Parade! I have always loved the Electrical Parade, the lights, the costumes, the floats…and I have missed it terribly since its been MIA at Disneyland for a few years. It just came back to the resort January 20th, and will only be here till mid-summer. This is why I suggest making a date night of it soon. It is a classic parade that is always a guaranteed date night success!


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