My Nightly Routine to Help My Insomnia

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If you have been following me on Twitter, you probably have seen that I (unfortunately) often have insomnia. Having continuous insomnia of course not only makes me fatigued each day, but also heightens my anxiety. Not to mention, it’s just plain frustrating! While I have been focusing on self care in other areas of my life, I hadn’t really been making a good night’s sleep a priority in my self care and wellness routine. After countless months of frustration, I knew I needed to take some steps to try to alleviate my insomnia. First thing was first, I needed a night time routine. Normally my days are pretty chaotic and ever-changing, but I felt like if I had a nightly routine it might help my brain relax and sleep better, rather than having so many thoughts and tasks running through my brain.

The steps I took to have in my routine, which I am outlining below, have been helping me tremendously. While it still takes me longer to fall asleep than most people (I have always been this way), since implementing this routine I haven’t been waking up throughout the night. Not waking up throughout the night has done wonders for my stress and fatigue levels.

My Nightly Routine to Help My Insomnia

Take a Shower

I had always been a shower in the morning kind of person, but have found that taking a shower in the evening, with the lights as dim as possibly and listening to relaxing music while in the shower has really helped me destress from my day. I then put on a cozy robe post-shower (coziness has been key to helping me unwind for the night).

Organize the Day Ahead

Nightly routine to help with insomnia

I asked myself what is causing me to not fall asleep? What are the thoughts keeping me up? It was all about the stuff I would have to do the next day, the tasks I had to do and tasks left undone that were stressing me out and keeping my mind running a hundred miles an hour. Something that has helped me sleep better is before bed taking out my planner and creating a plan and schedule for the next day. This way, I know that I have a plan set in place to get what’s a priority on my plate done. I don’t have to bother thinking about a million things while lying in bed.

Turn Off Electronics

Nightly routine to help with insomnia

This one is a tough one for me! Most of my job involves social media after all. However, I knew it was something I needed to have myself do. When you go on Facebook, Instagram, or email at night it keeps your mind busy and I have a hard time resting. With my work being primarily online, it’s hard to get out of work mode if I’m on my electronics. After I go through my phone calendar and create my plan in my planner, I’ve been trying to read instead, even if just a chapter or a magazine. It helps my mind not focus on work.

Make a Cup of TeaWell™ Tea

To add to the coziness factor, while I read a magazine or book, I’ve been adding drinking a cup of TeaWell™ tea into my nightly routine. I had recently seen this new tea at Sprouts, and thought it would be a great one to try after reading the box. The organic tea features the “Daily Wellness Core,” which is their all-in-one blend of herbs and botanicals that have been used to help support the mind and body. It has digestion* dandelion route, which is used as a digestive stimulant. Good digestion is known to help with a good night’s sleep, so that was a win!

It also uses mental vitality* panax ginseng, which is used to help revitalize the mind and ward off fatigue. I definitely needed a tea that could help me with that, since I was constantly fatigued throughout the morning and afternoon due to my insomnia. I chose a couple of the flavors, TeaWell Organic Honey Lemon and TeaWell Organic Lemon Chamomile to try (they also have ginger mint, turmeric spice, and matcha green). I enjoyed them both, but the Honey Lemon was my favorite! Especially with some slices of fresh lemon along with it. TeaWell’s teas are meant to be drunk daily to receive its full benefits, so have been including them nightly in my routine for a couple of weeks. You can find TeaWell at your local Sprouts store, or click here to find where else it may be offered near you.

As I mentioned earlier, having my new nightly routine has significantly helped my sleep, in that I am not waking up throughout the night. I also feel like I’m going to bed feeling less tense and anxious. I hope these nightly routine tips are helpful for those of you also seeking ideas to help with a good night’s sleep!

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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