Stop, Breathe, & Think Kids : The Ultimate Wellness App for Children

Disclosure: I was hosted to attend this event, but all thoughts and opinions are my own

Stop, Breathe, & Think Kids App Launch Party

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the launch party at Rabbit Ladders in Culver City for the Stop, Breathe, & Think Kids app hosted by actress Ali Larter. When going to the event, I hadn’t yet used the app, so I was excited to learn what it was all about, and bring along my daughter to try it out for the first time. When I entered Rabbit Ladders in Culver City, the atmosphere was already perfectly set for a fun morning! The children’s boutique was adorned with adorable displays of unique children’s clothing, whimsical tutus, and special toys and books.

Actress Ali Larter, who is a mother of two young children, hosted this event, as she is very passionate about wellness; finding it very important for children to be able to tune into their emotions:

“Stop, Breathe & Think Kids is a new mindfulness app for children and I have 2 young ones I have a 6 year old boy, and a 2 ½ year old little girl and they also always want to grab their screens but this app is one of those times that’s really special where they can go on and pick the emotions that they’re feeling. Whether its “hyper or curious” my son often picks “proud” and then it sends you to a game or activity that helps kids unwind. There’s one about Bigfoot that he really gravitates toward before bedtime. It’s a really powerful tool to help guide kids to get in tune with their emotions.”

Me, my daughter, and Ali Larter at the Stop, Breathe, & Thinks Kids App launch party


About the App

There were beautiful balloons that adorned the title “Stop Breathe & Think”, with a station of iPads where children could see what the app is all about! Many apps and videos cause children to just tune out from life and their surroundings. What’s so special about Stop, Breathe, & Think Kids is that it is a children’s app that is meant to be mindful. It begins with various emojis depicting different emotions. The child selections the emotion they are currently feeling, and then based off of how they are feeling there will be different games and content geared towards helping children tune into their emotions. Stop, Breathe, & Think Kids is a fun wellness tool that helps kids tune in to their emotions on a daily basis, a good practice to help them cope with their feelings, as well as learn how to understand them.


Although the app is geared primarily for ages 5-10, my 2 and a half year old daughter loved the app! She wanted to play and explore the app over and over again during our whole visit! Since the event, we have downloaded the app to use at home. The app has been entertaining my daughter, as well as lessen the amount of tantrums, since even at her young age she is able to understand through the images and games on the app that she is learning more about her mind! You can download the Stop, Breathe, & Think Kids app by clicking here. Be sure to also check them out on social media:




Official Site

Click to download the app!

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