My Solution to Adult Acne: MDacne App

The MDacne app gives you free, personalized advice to help you rid of your acne.

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by MDacne, however the personal story, opinions, and results are all true and my own.

My Solution to Adult Acne: MDacne App

The MDacne app gives you free, personalized advice to help you rid of your acne.

I am a 26 year old who struggles with acne. Any of my readers who are also well past their teens and still struggle with acne I’m sure can relate to this frustration. I’ve had acne issues for about 7 years, and have not found a treatment that helps. I don’t have super severe acne, but I do have mild acne that is persistent! As you all know, I am passionate for and blog about living clean, healthy, and as natural as possible. So finding a great solution to my acne with a more homeopathic approach as opposed to just heading straight to the doctor’s was ideal for my lifestyle.

I have been on a several year search for a solution that will work for me specifically, provide me hope, and not break the bank. I discovered an awesome free iPhone mobile app that I’m excited to share with my readers, called MDacne. After hearing about the acne solution app from publications such as Dermatology Times to even famed vloggers on YouTube, I was super curious to check it out!

The Rundown of MDacne

MDacne is a personalized app! It is very frustrating to spend hours googling acne solutions online, just to find lists of the methods that you’ve maybe tried with no success, or not sure what solution is right for you. When you first download MDacne, it asks you questions such as age, gender, etc. Next (and this is my favorite feature) it has you align your face to their camera so it can scan and analyze your acne:

The MDacne app scans your face to analyze acne, giving you a personal treatment plan

The face scan feature really attracted me towards the app, since it gave me a free and easy way to get advice personalized for my acne outside of the doctor’s office. After the scan, it gives you a treatment plan to try doing in morning and in the evening:

The MDacne app gives you free, personalized advice to help you rid of your acne.

The app makes treating your acne very simple, as it not only suggests products, but it also gives suggestions in what to do to help your acne in terms of diet, water intake, etc. And if a product is part of your treatment plan (i.e. face wash, moisturizer), it gives you several specific product recommendations that fit anyone’s budget! I thought it was great that it offers both natural and medicated solutions, a great way to accommodate everyone’s lifestyle preferences.

What was also great about the MDacne app is that it helped me feel optimistic about treating my acne. After giving up on treatments in the past, and never seeming to be permanently rid of my mild adult acne, having this app has really given me hope. Once they give you a treatment plan, you check in periodically (ideally every day), and you can rate how your skin is that day, take a new pic for your acne treatment journal, and look over your treatment plan again.  I’ve only been using the app for four days, and am beginning to see some slight improvement. The accountability via the app’s journal definitely helps!

Currently, the app is available on iPhone only, and is free to download. There is also a premium account option (with a minimal cost), which includes tutorials and advice from dermatologists:

The MDacne app gives you free, personalized advice to help you rid of your acne.

You can download the MDacne app here, as well as get more of a preview in the video below:

Have you tried the MDacne app? If so, where day are you in your journey, and what results have you seen? Here’s a before and after for me, after four days of implementing the app’s recommended treatment plan:

Day 1

Day 1, mild acne on my forehead and chin.


Day 4

Day 4, a little bit on my chin. Forehead acne nearly all clear.

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