Smile Brilliant – A Review of the Sensitive Teeth Whitening Routine

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My Teeth Whitening Routine That Had Me Smiling With Confidence

Something I hadn’t really talked about before on social media or my blog was that I have never really had a lot of confidence in my smile. My teeth have always been stained easily and a little more on the yellow side, no matter how much I brushed my teeth or used whitening toothpaste. Teeth whitening strips I picked up at the store never seemed to be very effective or brought me way too much pain. I was hoping eventually I would find a way to whiten my teeth effectively, and without worrying about my sensitive teeth! I recently tried a new at-home teeth whitening regimen that has worked for me, and wanted to share with all of you, as I know that the journey of finding an effective way to whiten your teeth can be frustrating. Since whitening my teeth, I have so much more confidence in smiling, which has definitely helped improve my confidence all together!

Smile Brilliant Results


Trying Smile Brilliant

I had seen the at-home teeth whitening kit Smile Brilliant here and there on Instagram – I loved that they used trays molded to your teeth, rather than a strip, for more effective whitening. I did a little research online to see other’s reviews of the product, and saw lots of positive feedback and results. Okay, so I knew that Smile Brilliant whitened effectively. But is this going to be so strong that it hurts my teeth? On their website, I saw that they have an at-home teeth whitening kit suited for people with sensitive teeth – upon seeing that I went for it and gave it a shot!


The Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening Process

When you sign up for Smile Brilliant, you will get sent materials to make impressions of your top and bottom rows of teeth, which will then be mailed in to get a set of teeth whitening trays made to fit your teeth perfectly. Once you receive your trays back, you will place the teeth whitening gel in your trays and whiten for the desired length of time (45 minutes to 3 hours, your preference). And then after that use the desensitization gel for 20 minutes. I found the trays to be much easier to use than strips, as they securely stay in place and don’t slide around. Plus, the whitening effects were much more noticeable than with a strip.


My Tips For Whitening With Smile Brilliant When You Have Sensitive Teeth

I have incredibly sensitive teeth, but didn’t have problems with Smile Brilliant’s kit for sensitive teeth. Here are some of my whitening tips with the at-home teeth whitening kit that worked for me:

  • Whiten for 1 hour, then desensitize for 20 minutes
  • Whiten every other day to decrease sensitivity
  • I recommend whitening during a commute to help pass the time, or first thing before going to bed (as this helps improve whitening effects since you aren’t introducing new stains right away)


Having Confidence in My Smile

Now that I’ve completed the whitening process with Smile Brilliant, I have never been so confident smiling, and has really helped make an improvement in my overall confidence. Before, I would always use an app to whiten my teeth before posting a picture, now I feel happy with my smile, and no longer need an app to make my teeth smile brilliantly! You can see my before and after below:

Smile Brilliant Results
Smile Brilliant Results



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