Seaside on the Pier in Santa Monica – Tasty, Fresh, and Vegetarian Friendly!

Disclosure: This visit was hosted but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Seaside on the Pier in Santa Monica – Tasty, Fresh, and Vegetarian Friendly!

Many years ago (about 11 years I believe) my husband (then boyfriend) and I took a trip to the Santa Monica Pier to have “prom”. Since he wasn’t able to come with me to my high school prom, we got dressed up and went to have dinner in Santa Monica and then play games on the pier and go to Pacific Park while I was wearing a poofy gown. It was a perfect memory as a couple! Yet it occurred to me we hadn’t been back to the Pier since then!

Today was my husband’s 33rd birthday, and I wanted to plan something special for him (I mean you need a special evening if your birthday lands on a Monday!). I visited Seaside on the Pier, a restaurant right at the beginning of Santa Monica Pier. Downstairs it’s a quick service sandwich shop, then upstairs is a gem of a restaurant; their rooftop grill and bar.

Upon walking onto the rooftop grill at Seaside on the Pier, it feels cozy and magical! With neon signs galore, and a view of the pier’s roller coaster and Ferris wheel, and the sound of the waves…it’s all beach atmosphere perfection. Perfect for a night to surprise my husband by visiting that place we had our special “prom”.

Now what I have encountered with most restaurants on a pier is that they pretty much only offer burgers or fish. While Seaside on the Pier does offer a tasty variety of those items, they also offer a wide variety of fresh and tasty vegetarian items. Not only do they have vegetarian items explicitly on the menu, but they can also substitute any meat menu item for a Beyond burger patty.

I decided to do something a little offbeat and requested the fish tacos but with a Beyond patty instead of fish. They didn’t hesitate to accommodate, and the result was perfection! Paired with the sauces and salsa meant for a fish taco, it truly tasted like one! They also made me a hearty Baja Chicken Salad but again with Beyond burger pieces instead of grilled chicken.

My husband is not vegetarian, and had a fish platter which he also really loved! The cocktails were incredibly refreshing…just look at all those likes in the vodka tonic- perfection! The Mule also tasted like it was infused with fresh ginger.

To end the evening, we taste tested each of the desserts (cheesecake, chocolate lava cake, and key lime pie). They were fantastic, with my favorite and must have being the chocolate lava cake. I was so incredibly impressed with the fresh taste of all the food, and was wowed by the kind service and willingness to accommodate dietary restrictions. They were helpful in suggesting substitution for dietary restrictions too!

I can’t recommend Seaside on the Pier enough, and can’t wait to make more family memories there (and try more menu options)!

Vegetarian food in Santa Monica: Seaside on the Pier

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