The New Samsung Galaxy Note7 is Every Mom’s Dream

Why the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 is every mom's dream!

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The New Samsung Galaxy Note7 is Every Mom’s Dream

Why the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 is every mom's dream!

A couple of weeks ago, I attended the blogging conference BlogHer in Los Angeles. While I was there, I had the pleasure of visiting the Best Buy booth and getting to check out one of the newest phones, the Samsung Galaxy Note7. This phone seriously has everything any mom could hope for (especially a blogging mama)!

Why the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 is every mom's dream!

The Ability to Hand Write

First off, it comes with a stylus called the S Pen, where you can write down your thoughts with your own handwriting, create GIFs, and just get to be more creative with your images. I absolutely love that you can hand write notes. When you’re in a hurry and you are trying to write down grocery lists or other to-do’s, sometimes typing on a smartphone keyboard while straddling a toddler on your hips can be hard, and your kid is trying to grab your phone out of your hands. Now you can set your phone down on the kitchen counter and scroll one-handed your lists and memos by hand! I also love this feature for when I need to sign PDF contracts, etc. As opposed to printing out, signing, and scanning documents, I can get my genuine handwritten signature via my S Pen on the Samsung Galaxy Note7.


Sit Poolside, Worry Free!

What I also love about this new phone is that it is waterproof! Confession: I have damaged two phones from water. Especially when you have kids and pets around, a water proof phone is a huge life (and money) saver! You can take pictures at the pool, you don’t have to worry about un-lidded cups, or sprinklers! I love that I can sit by the poolside with an open drink in hand and not stress about my phone. It sounds like such a simple feature, but it is pretty amazing how much more you’re able to relax with the piece of mind of having a waterproof phone. After all, being a mom is stressful (yet wonderful), so any little worry that can be taken off our plates the better!

Why the new Samsung Galaxy Note7 is every mom's dream!


Great Photos, Lots of Storage

Who else has a phone with literally thousands of photos of your kid? I know I do, and they pile up fast! If you want quality photos of your children via your phone, or want great vacation photos without having to pack a bulky DSLR camera, then this phone definitely delivers. The Samsung Galaxy Note7 takes very vibrant, clear photos that auto focus, and even take excellent photos in the dark. And aside from the quality, it has storage on its side, too. The phone comes with the option to add in a microSD card, that can help store up to an additional 256 GB! I am constantly running out of storage on my current phone, so I think this feature is fantastic for someone who blogs or wants great photos of family memories conveniently on your smartphone.


Never Worry About Battery Life

My absolute favorite feature, since I work so much via social media on my phone, and use my phone to e-mail, text, basically do all my communication, is the amazing battery life! I have an external battery, but I often forget to re-charge it! The Samsung Galaxy Note7 though, has a wireless charger that charges at an incredibly fast speed. So even if you’re running low on time, or are on-the-go and have no outlets nearby, charging your phone back up is easy.



Now of course the last piece of the puzzle, that makes this phone the perfect companion to do the daily roles of motherhood: Cost! Fortunately, Best Buy offers a price match guarantee on their phones, so you know that if you get the Samsung Galaxy Note7 you will be getting the best price possible!

To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy Note7 or to purchase, you can visit here: http://bby.me/lnxs

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