My New Fitness Journey: Reformer Pilates Week 2

Reformer Pilates Goals

Last week, I shared with you that I began a new fitness journey: Reformer Pilates at Club Pilates in Laguna Niguel, CA! Each week for 5 weeks, I will share with you my experiences, feelings, and reformer Pilates results. Here’s the lowdown of what my goals are for this new fitness journey:

  • Gain more muscle tone
  • Gain a fitness community
  • Eliminate back pain

Week 1 Summary

With week 1 last week, I didn’t see any physical changes (a week is too short of a time to see much change), but I did see these results:

  • Back pain gone
  • Better posture
  • Gained strength

After just three classes, my frequent back pain was totally gone! Reformer Pilates was a workout that eliviated my pain, rather than agrivate it, like many mat workouts would do for me. In turn, I also had better posture, and was sitting up straighter than ever. Since I’m on the busty side, I thought it was near impossible to have great posture, but turns out with the right workout and educated instructors I could improve my posture! I started at reformer Pilates level 1, and after three classes I felt strong enough to move to the next level.

Week 2 Results

  • Gained a fitness community
  • More toned abs

I thought week 1 was amazing, but it wasn’t nearly as awesome as week 2 turned out! I was a little hesitant at first, since I was going to move on to level 1.5. I wanted to make sure to keep challenging myself so I could meet my goals of strengthening my muscles quicker. It turns out level 1.5 was the fitness level I had been craving for quite some time! I have felt like my workouts haven’t been challenging enough, and reformer Pilates 1.5 was the perfect combination of fun, yet challenging! I felt sore after every session (but the good kind of sore). I also decided to add some more change into my workout pattern, and took a Pilates/Barre fusion class – it kicked butt for sure!

When I tried the Pilates/Barre fusion class, I was also able to accomplish another goal I had for this fitness journey: Gain a community! Frequently, Club Pilates will have social events that incorporate both a workout and a time for hanging out. They held a Barre Hop night, where we did a fun barre workout, and then went across the street to a nearby pub for appetizers and drinks! I was able to meet many of my fellow workout partners, and we all had so much fun getting to know one another better. A fitness community is very important to me, since when I have friends to workout with, it motivates me much, much more!

I think for now, I’m still going to do level 1.5, but also do more of the fusion classes to change it up this coming week. After only six classes, I feel like I have gained a little more muscle tone in my abs. I’ve learned that if you are looking for toned abs and obliques, reformer Pilates is the workout to do!

Special Sign-Up Promotion

Club Pilates is currently having an amazing promotion! If you sign up for a membership, you get your first two weeks free! A membership is good at all Club Pilates locations; there are so many to conveniently go to! So if you’ve been curious like me on what reformer Pilates is all about, this is the perfect deal to start your own new fitness journey. You can check out my reformer pilates results from week 3 here.


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