The Fixer Upper – Anna Frozen Inspired Red Wine Snow Cone

With summer in full swing, with it come those long summer nights spent many hours relaxing and mingling with your friends, sipping on refreshing beverages while enjoying the warm weather. For myself and many of my family members, our drink of choice is cabernet sauvignon! To make it a little more refreshing for summer, I decided to make a drink I call The Fixer Upper – An Anna from Frozen inspired red wine snow cone! The color of a red wine snow cone channels Anna’s magenta outfit color, and looks beautiful topped with blackberries and pink edible flowers for a dazzling dessert or cocktail!

The Fixer Upper - An Anna Frozen inspired Red Wine Snow Cone - Low calorie cocktails - Disney Cocktails

The Fixer Upper


  • Red wine of choice
  • 2 cups ice or crushed ice per serving
  • Blackberries
  • Edible Flowers


  1. If using non-crushed ice, place your ice in a blender and pulse until crushed.
  2. Place in a bowl, and pour wine over the top of your ice.
  3. Top with blackberries, edible flowers, or whatever other tasty garnishes you would like!


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