Red Rose Taverne Breakfast

Red Rose Taverne Breakfast

Breakfast is now being served in Fantasyland! Over at Red Rose Taverne, the Beauty and the Beast themed quick service restaurant, you can find breakfast now being served daily until 11am. I headed over this past weekend on a rainy day, and enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast-themed atmosphere while enjoying a delicious breakfast! I loved that the Red Rose Taverne breakfast menu served some items that were different than the typical Disneyland quick service menu:

The breakfast flatbread, Croque Madame, and Garden Vegetable Hash were delicious new additions to a Disneyland quick service menu! If you prefer the traditional Disneyland breakfast, you can indulge in the breakfast platter, buttermilk pancake platter, or Mickey-shaped pancake.


Special Menus

Upon entering, you can request an allergy menu from a cast member. When you order from the menu, be sure to let the cast member putting in your order about your allergy or preference as well:


  • Breakfast Platter:
    • It can be requested vegetarian by asking for no bacon.
    • It can be made gluten-free and wheat-free by asking for it without the croissant
    • It can be made dairy-free upon request.

  • Mickey-Shaped Pancake:
    • Soy-free

  • Garden Vegetable Hash:
    • Can be made vegan without the egg and bechamel sauce


My Review of Red Rose Taverne’s Breakfast Options

Overall, I thought the taste was above standard for a Disneyland quick service breakfast. In terms of requesting no croissant with your meal, I would skip the croissant since it wasn’t an authentically tasting croissant, it was pretty basic and didn’t wow me like the rest of the meal. The garden vegetable hash was by far my favorite dish, with the potatoes being perfectly crisp and the Bechamel sauce perfection! My only wish is that it had more kale, so that I could have a dish with more greens and less starch. I tried to request, but the vegetable mixture is pre-made. I did also like the addition of berries along with the Mickey-shaped pancake, and would request more berries to add some more fruit and antioxidants to your meal. The pancake is quite large, so is a perfect breakfast to split with someone.

What dish at Red Rose Taverne are you most excited to try?


Red Rose Taverne Breakfast - Check out the new Disneyland menus for Red Rose Taverne, plus their allergy-friendly menu

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