Making A Recipe Binder Using HP DeskJet 3700

Making a Recipe Binder Using HP DeskJet 3700

Making a colorful, organized recipe binder using HP DeskJet 3700

Of course being a food blogger, I am obsessed with cooking! Pinterest is a great way to save recipes I want to try or that inspire me. But often after I try out recipes, there are some I want to use as a frequent rotation in my meal plans, that I absolutely just LOVE! I wanted to make an organized recipe binder, one that would allow me to keep my favorite recipes in an easy-to-find, efficient way for when I’m cooking and meal planning.

First, I had to think of my categories for my binder. Of course typical categories are breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desserts. But, with four such broad categories it would be near impossible to efficiently find recipes I am looking for for certain occassions, time constraints, etc. So instead, I created the sub-categories:

  • Breakfast
    • Baking
    • On-the-go
    • Savory
    • Sweet
  • Lunch
    • Desk lunchbox ideas
    • Salads
    • No cooking required
    • Cooking
  • Dinner
    • Baking
    • Crockpot
    • 30 minutes or less
    • 15 minutes or less
    • Other
  • Appetizers
    • Baking
    • No Cooking Required
  • Desserts
    • Hot
    • Cold
    • Baking
  • Beverages
    • Non-Alcoholic
    • Alcoholic
    • Hot

Making a colorful, organized recipe binder using HP DeskJet 3700

You can of course create your own categories and sub-categories, but these were the ones most helpful to me. I love having a separate tab for baking, since sometimes I’m in the mood to have warm banana bread, or a casserole, but it’s nice to intentionally prepare for those types of food since they can take a bit of extra time.

Aside from tabs, you can color code the pages themselves. For example, for my vegan recipes I colored a corner of a page green, so when I’m flipping through pages I can easily find my vegan recipes. You can also have different color-codes for allergy sensitives (i.e. nut free, dairy free).

I also highly recommend putting your pages into plastic sleeves, since you’ll most likely be cooking with your book by your side, you’ll want the pages to be able to be cleaned easily and not have to re-print them!

Making a colorful, organized recipe binder using HP DeskJet 3700

I wanted my recipe binder to be on display in my kitchen, so I’m more likely to get good use out of it, so I wanted a colorful cover and pages on the inside. Fortunately, I had recently received the HP DeskJet 3700 printer, which made my binder absolutely perfect and affordable. When I’m trying to figure out what to eat, pictures are my main source of browsing through recipes. If it looks good to me in the moment, I want to make it. I wanted to be able to have my recipes printed out in full color, so that they looked appetizing, and my recipe binder beautiful. I was leary prior to getting this printer of doing that, since colored ink can be pricey. But, I was able to print out my whole binder in FULL COLOR for less than $3.

Making a colorful, organized recipe binder using HP DeskJet 3700

With my HP DeskJet 3700, not only do the images come out crystal clear, but it has the most affordable colored ink I’ve ever seen. First off, the printer already came with black and color ink cartridges so that alone got me started off with some savings. For my subsequent cartridges, my printer orders the ink for me through the HP Instant Ink program. With this printer, there is a new program where your printer orders new ink for you for the increment you choose. (i.e., if you want to print 50 pages a month, it’s $2.99 for ink, for 100 pages it’s $4.99, etc). What’s so cost effective about this and allowed me to have such a colorful binder is that you are charged that same low cost regardless of how much color you use. I am on the plan where I print 100 pages a month for $4.99, so I could print my full color recipe binder with piece-of-mind knowing I wouldn’t be charged any additional fee for using lots of colored ink.

What is even better is that since I just started using my HP DeskJet 3700 a month ago, I am still getting my ink for free! If you sign up for the HP Instant Ink program with this link bit.ly/hp_ink and use code SCHOOL3 you get three months free of the ink program! Perfect for me to continue to add to my recipe binder, or maybe if you’re helping your littles with school projects and want to be able to use full color, stress-free!

What was also fantastic about this printer, is that I don’t need to connect it to my computer. I can print from multiple computers, tablets, or my phone via WiFi. What was also helpful in making my binder was that the printer allowed me to have a lot of elbow room! With plastic sleeves, a binder, folder tabs, my laptop, and router all on my desk while putting together my folder, I needed lots of room to stay organized and un-cluttered. The HP DeskJet 3700 is the smallest all-in-one printer (meaning it also has a scanner-bonus!), so I was able to fit everything on my desk with some room to spare!

Making a colorful, organized recipe binder using HP DeskJet 3700

I am super happy that with my colorful pictures and my tab sub-categories I was able to make the binder I hoped for, and have the colorful book proudly displayed in my kitchen.

Making a colorful, organized recipe binder using HP DeskJet 3700

Making a colorful, organized recipe binder using HP DeskJet 3700

To get the HP DeskJet 3700 or to find out more info on the smallest all-in-one printer, visit www.hp.com/go/deskjet3700 – and remember to also visit bit.ly/hp_ink and use code SCHOOL3 to get three months free of ink.

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