Presenting a Sweet Surprise for Thanksgiving

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

No time of year makes us appreciate the love around us like the holiday season does! With Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other holidays quickly approaching, it makes me start to focus more than ever on how I can give, and show my friends and family just how much they mean to me! I decided this holiday season to surprise a friend of mine in November and December with an incredibly useful gift. Of course, it is always nice to give gifts of any kind, but I wanted to think a little outside the box, and possibly give a gift that would make my hardworking friends’ lives a bit easier around the holidays!

Being in Southern California, it is necessary to drive almost everywhere! With our busy lives, and toddlers thrown in the mix, it can be hard to give our cars the proper maintenance they need to continue running smoothly. I thought there would be no better way to surprise a friend than with a car service! The past couple months, I have used Sweetworxx to service my car. It is a service you use in conjunction with a simple mobile app to schedule your car services.


With the app, you can pick and choose what you want done with your car, or just select basic check-ups. And the best part for us busy moms? You schedule pick-up and drop-off of your car. Sweetworxx philosophy is that your car has to go to the repair place, not you! With having an antsy toddler, this service of not having to wait at a car place for my car to be serviced has been a game-changer. I no longer have to go extended periods of time without my car getting the services it needs. Sweetworxx easy app and their impeccable customer service seemed like the best way I could pay it forward and give this season!

Sweetworxx helped me gift a free oil change, car wash, and vehicle inspection to one of my best friends in the world, Melanie! I have known Melanie for 12 years (I seriously can’t believe how fast time has flown). We have known each other way back when we were single, and then through amazing life events like marriage and kids.


Melanie is an incredible person to be friends with, not only because she loves Disney like me, but she is so creative, fun, and one of the kindest people you’ve ever met! She works so incredibly hard at being an amazing mother to her daughter, and inspires my journey of motherhood everyday. I thought there would be no person more deserving of a little “sweet” surprise from Sweetworxx than my BFF, Melanie! With a toddler constantly on the go to look after, having your car serviced and taken care of is nice to not have to worry about fitting into your busy life!

(This is our surprised face! Because we like to be goofy) :)

(This is our surprised face! Because we like to be goofy) 🙂

It was a wonderful experience getting to surprise Melanie with a Sweetworxx service, just in time for the season of Thanksgiving! It was super easy to set up the service, too. We just went on the app, put in her car’s make/model information, and scheduled her a Basic Service Package.


Then, we picked the date, time, and place the car would be picked up and dropped off for service.



While her car is being serviced, she can just enjoy being a mom, without sitting in the lobby of a car repair place!

Sweetworxx wants to give too during this season, so are offering my readers a 25% discount off your ENTIRE Sweetworxx car service using code SWEETJES25. This offer is good through the end of November, so if you’re in Orange County, be sure to take advantage of this 25% off offer! You can download the Sweetworxx app here, and use my special code to get your car ready for a new year!

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