Planet Fitness: A Judgement-Free Zone so You Can Focus on YOU

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Planet Fitness, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

New Year’s Resolutions Vs. Goal Setting

It’s January! You know what that means, the month where we see lots of New Year’s resolutions. Often with New Year’s resolutions, we create strict parameters for ourselves that we then immediately want to put into place. Often we do great the first week or so, but the resolutions are often too hard to sustain long term since let’s face it, we all have a tendency to be too strict with ourselves. This can lead us feeling disappointed and defeated.

However, I do think the beginning of a New Year does feel like a great time for us to reflect and think about goals we have for ourselves, in our personal lives, careers, and in our self care. Rather than setting resolutions that take into effect immediately, in 2019 I am focusing on setting goals for myself to achieve throughout the year. With my goals, I am going to create an action plan to achieve them at my own pace.

One of my biggest goals that I want to focus on, which I am going to share a bit more about in this post, is self care. Last year, I worked myself a bit too hard. And while I achieved a lot of great things, I put work above my self care at times, and didn’t take time to do things for me. I’ve come to realize caring for yourself in the same way you care for others and your work is incredibly important, and something I definitely want to be more balanced about.


One Way I’m Working On Achieving My Goal of Self Care

One way that I love to give myself some “me time” is by running and being physically active. The endorphins I get from running make me feel relaxed throughout my day, and help me work more productively and be in a better mood and mindset in daily life. Where I’ve been working to achieving my goal of self care in way of running more is at Planet Fitness. I had heard about Planet Fitness for years, but when I heard they were doing a new membership sale of $1 enrollment fee with just a $10/month no commitment membership fee, I decided now was the best time to give it a try! Plus there was one right by my house. Perfect!

I thought the no yearly commitment aspect was great, since when I am thinking of signing up for something but have to commit to a year, I get stressed about trying something out. Since the sale goes just until January 15, 2019 I took the plunge! Upon walking in, Planet Fitness fits the environment I was hoping for to run and just focus on myself. Their whole concept is that their gym is a gym for everyday people, not solely people who are hardcore about fitness, but the whole space is a mix of all types of people. They put a big focus on Planet Fitness being a great fitness experience that is also a “Judgement Free Zone”.

The messaging emphasizing Planet Fitness as a judgement-free, welcoming gym is very prevalent!

While I love being physically active and running, you can only enjoy the experience of being physically active if you also are in a welcoming environment and don’t feel judged by those around you. Being physically active to me is a personal experience, with different things being enjoyed by different people, and about doing things you enjoy doing, not things you feel like you necessarily should be doing. While Planet Fitness has great trained instructors conducting classes, trainers, as well as equipment for free use, they also have that amazing no judgement mindset, first and foremost making sure their members are feeling enjoyment when they come into their space. Another way that they incorporate a supportive community into their business is with their online community they offer members, where you can talk about your experiences, accomplishments, and stories, to reinforce Planet Fitness’ belief that everyone belongs.

I love that there’s lots of 30 minute classes, so that it’s easy to fit in a community class if you’re short on time!


More About Planet Fitness

I can’t recommend Planet Fitness enough. It has been integral in helping me fulfill my desire to have me-time by running more in a relaxing, calming environment. (Plus they have Wifi, so I can catch up on my podcasts while running) You can take advantage of the $1 enrollment fee, with a $10/month no commitment membership until January 15, 2019.

Planet Fitness - a no judgement zone so you can have a workout that focuses on YOU

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