Pete’s Dragon Coloring Sheets + Activity Tutorials

Pete’s Dragon Coloring Sheets + Activity Tutorials

Today is the day! The 2016 version of Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon” has finally hit theaters! Inspired by the 1977 Disney family classic, a new rendition from director David Lowrey has rolled out with a star-studded cast and stunning CGI Elliott the dragon.

To get pumped to go see the movie, or to continue the “Pete’s Dragon” fun even after you leave the theater, you can download free coloring pages, activity pages, and a whole activity guide filled with challenges and inspiration to get outdoors and play:

Pete’s Dragon Coloring Pages

Pete’s Dragon Memory Game

Pete’s Dragon Maze

Pete’s Dragon Activity Guide 

Are you more of a DIY person, or perhaps a baker? There are “Pete’s Dragon” activities for that, too! The film’s star Bryce Dallas Howard shows fans how to make a DIY dragon costume for your cat:

And as if that wasn’t adorable enough, Bryce also shows us how to make dragon cupcakes:

The newly released version of “Pete’s Dragon” is another wonderful family classic from Walt Disney Studios; you can check out my movie review, as well as a Pete’s Dragon inspired smoothie (packed with greens) here.

“Pete’s Dragon” is now in theaters in the U.S.! Tickets are available here.

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