Organic Yogurt at Walmart – The Convenient & Affordable Place to Buy Stonyfield

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Organic Yogurt at Walmart

Organic Yogurt at Walmart - You can now conveniently buy organic groceries at Walmart!

I often discuss on my blog how I have a passion for eating food that is organic! I try to eat organic as often as possible, and it’s even more convenient when I am able to find organic products at department stores I go to frequently, rather than making a separate stop at a specialty grocer. Walmart recently started carrying a wide variety of Stonyfield Organic Yogurts. Whether you want to get YoKids, YoBaby, or quarts of plain yogurt, Walmart carries these fine organic yogurts at many locations.

My family always keeps yogurt stocked in our refrigerator, since it’s my daughter’s favorite thing to have for breakfast or for a tasty snack. I particularly love giving her Stonyfield YoKids, since she loves the taste, it’s organic, and is low in sugar. The perfect combination to keep mom and daughter happy and eating right!

We often stop at Walmart to pick up household items, and to get great deals on clothing and toys. At several Walmart locations throughout the country, there are now fresh grocery items (produce, dairy, etc) that are affordable, even for those like my family who are on a budget. Walmart’s huge array of organic products, including Stonyfield organic yogurt, makes it so easy to buy the food items I want without exceeding my grocery budget goal!

If you’re a parent with an active child, like I am, you understand how nice it is to be able to get all the items for your refrigerator and your house in one stop, since often my little one doesn’t like to make several errands in one day! You can find out which Walmarts near you have a grocery, by typing in your location in the “Store Finder”, and then looking at the list of store’s available services.

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