Making Creative Meals Simple With Milk and Eggs Grocery Delivery

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Making Creative Meals Simple With Milk and Eggs Grocery Delivery

Easy Organic Meal Kits Delivered to Your Doorstep with Milk and Eggs grocery delivery service!

You might have seen that recently I’ve started getting my groceries delivered to my doorstep from Milk and Eggs! Milk and Eggs is a unique grocery delivery service that goes to Los Angeles and Orange County. What makes it so unique is that their foods all come from local farmers, and are delivered to you the day its picked up from the food’s source! How amazing is that? I was already over the moon with this service, and that I could get locally sourced, organic foods delivered right to my doorstep at such reasonable prices.

Well during this past week’s order, I became even more impressed with Milk and Eggs and their meal kits! I decided to order a couple of their 2 for $12 meal kits to help give me some more unique meals, rather than what I cook from day-to-day at home. Their meal kits come with the ingredients you need to make 2-4 servings of a recipe that also comes along with the ingredients. To try out Milk and Eggs’ meal kits, you just go to the Diets tab, then Meal Kits & Recipes. Select the ones you want, and the fresh organic ingredients and the recipes will come to your doorstep at your delivery time!


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I tried out the Soft Boiled Eggs & Kale Salad Bowl, and it was absolutely delicious! I love that their meal kits not only taste amazing, but are simple recipes with natural ingredients so they’re incredibly easy to prepare and cook, even for someone who is newer to cooking recipes from scratch! You can try out Milk and Eggs delivery service, as well as their meal kits for yourself at 20% off your first order using my special code thehealthymouse at MilkandEggs.com.

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