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If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you probably know that my main joy of creating meal plans is making them with Disney – inspirations (you can read my whole blog post about why here).

For all my meal plans, I create each day of the week with a different inspiration. First, I pick my Disney inspiration, then think of what meals sound good to me that pairs up with that theme. I of course always make sure my meals are all natural, healthy, and clean. When I eat clean, it improves not only my body, but my mind and my energy.

Along with my weekly meal plans, I like to make cute little menus to share with my friends, family, and followers. They’re very simple and cute, but I feel it makes me accountable to stick with my meal plan and use the groceries I spent my hard-earned money on!

Scroll through to check out my menu for one of my Disney-inspired meal plans, and stay tuned for some individual blog posts that show all the meals and recipes for my menus.

Day 1: Zootopia Day

With Zootopia being Walt Disney Animation Studio’s newest release (and just came out on Blu-Ray, I felt I just had to include this for the week of its at-home release). With Zootopia now being one of my daughter’s favorite movies, Zootopia Day was a big hit.


Day 2: Eating Our Way Through Epcot: Norway, Italy, and China Edition

Without a doubt, Epcot is my favorite of all the Disney parks I’ve been to at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. I decided it would be fun if the bulk of my week was Epcot themed! For this day, I did a clean eating version of the Norway Pavilion’s school bread, an individual pizza using whole wheat pita bread to represent the Italy Pavilion, and finished off with a vegetarian tofu stir fry for the China pavilion.


Day 3: Eating Our Way Through Epcot: Canada, Morocco, and America Edition

The traditional Canadian breakfast consisted of eggs, whole wheat waffles, and Ham style Tofurkey, with a drizzle of maple syrup. I was especially excited about the Moroccan Pavilion, as that is my favorite at Epcot to get food. The Moroccan Feast plate had whole wheat pitas, hummus, grilled chicken, and salad with diced cucumber. And since I’m a completionist, I had to also include the America pavilion even though I eat American food often! For the American Home-style dinner, I had Gardein chicken, mashed cauliflower, and green beans.


Day 4: Eating Our Way Through Epcot: Germany, France, and United Kingdom Edition

For the traditional German breakfast I had hard boiled eggs, whole wheat toast, jam, and Swiss cheese. German breakfasts often have a wide array of jams and cheeses to top on their toast. For France, I put together whatever ingredients I had in the house that you could see Parisians in France eating in a beautiful park and courtyard; grapes, baguette, brie, and some olives. It was simple, easy to prepare, and delicious. For the bangers and mash, I used veggie sausage links, and vegetable stock instead of gravy to top.


Day 5: Eating Our Way Through Epcot: Mexico, One More Stop, and Japan Edition

One last day to include all the Epcot pavilions! Since Mexico and Japan were the last of the pavilions to cover in this week’s meal plan, I had my lunch be “one more stop”. This can be anything you like using up whatever leftover food you might have from earlier in the week. I like to periodically have meals like this within my plans so I can allow for wiggle room to make sure I don’t have a bunch of leftover ingredients that will go bad.


Day 6: Finding Dory Day

I have been waiting for this day for 13 years! To kick off the opening of Finding Dory, I made sure to not only have a Dory themed meal plan, but a whole Finding Dory Day of activities for my family.


Day 7: Freestyle Day

Just like with the “one more stop” meal in Day 5, I always make my last meal plan day of the week to be a freestyle day, where I can make anything I crave (but still healthy), using up my leftovers so I can make room in my fridge and pantry for my next week of grocery shopping.

Next Steps

Once I have my menus planned out, it’s time to make a list and hit the grocery store! I go to slightly different grocery stores depending on what I need each week, but my four main stores I rotate between are Costco, Sprouts, Trader Joe’s, and Ralph’s Fresh Fare.

You can check out my blog archives to see some of the complete recipes and meal pics from my menus I plan out. I make these plans each week not only for myself, but for my fitness/clean eating challenge group I run on Facebook. I release my grocery lists/recipes to them, and it’s a great environment where we can have accountability and encouragement to continue to eat clean and stay fit, doing the 21 Day Fix! You can contact me here for inquiries and more details.


Background Photo Images/Epcot Font Credit: Disney

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