How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

I was compensated by receiving a free El Gato Malo French press, however all thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast: My how-to guide and what products I use to create practically instant iced coffee, without having to wait overnight!

Being a Southern California girl, iced coffee is my favorite way to get caffeine. No matter the season, I find cold drinks so refreshing, and think there’s nothing better than a cold, black iced coffee! The problem with homemade iced coffee, is that normally you need to have it sit overnight in the refrigerator to make iced coffee. Which means it’s hard to have iced coffee at home on a whim, and even more disappointing in the morning if you realize you’ve forgotten to brew your coffee overnight.

With my method however, I can tell you how to make iced coffee fast, in just 15 minutes!

What You Will Need

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

  • Stainless Steel French Press
  • 3 1/2 cups of hot water
  • 9 French Press (or espresso) scoops of coarsely ground coffee
  • Ice

You will need a 4-cup stainless steel French Press. I used El Gato Malo French Press, my personal favorite! The plug pushes down so smoothly, providing a really delicious, smooth taste for your coffee. It also never rusts, and I personally love the sleek, retro look of the press–it looks lovely and chic in my kitchen! You can find the El Gato Malo French Press here, and even get 15% off with code ThHlyMse : http://www.amztk.com/elgatomalo

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

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The reason you will need a stainless steel French press is because the steel press, when put in the freezer, gets cold incredibly fast (it also works oppositely, if you put hot water in the press and don’t put in the freezer, it keeps your coffee hot longer). Also, if you put a glass press in the freezer it will most likely crack!

You will also need coarsely ground coffee, to get a stronger flavor. Also, finely ground coffee beans can sometimes go right through the filter, resulting in coffee with grounds floating in it. If you go to your local coffee shop, ask for coarse grounds or for your coffee to be ground for French press.


How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

1. Heat up 3 1/2 cups of water until boiling (or 4 minutes in the microwave).

2. Put your water in the French press, along with 9 French press scoops of your coffee grounds, stir well.

3. Put your French press in the freezer for 10 minutes.

4. Slowly push down the lid of your French press, and pour your coffee in a cup over ice.

How to Make Iced Coffee Fast

I am so glad I’ve discovered a high quality, stainless steel French press like El Gato Malo, so that I can enjoy iced coffee without the overnight wait!

And don’t forget, you can use code ThHlyMse at http://www.amztk.com/elgatomalo to get 15% off your order of the El Gato Malo stainless steel French press!

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