Insta Before You Eat: 7 Ways Instagramming Food Makes Life Better!

Insta Before You Eat: 7 Ways Instagramming Makes Life Better

Insta Before You Eat: 7 Ways Instagramming Food Makes Life Better!

Insta Before You Eat: 7 Ways Instagramming Food Makes Life Better!

I joined Instagram in 2011, pretty recently after it started, and before it became the huge social media platform it is today. As opposed to now where practically every business, celebrity, and blogger are present. I was instantly hooked on the app. What I loved about Instagram was that it wasn’t full of click-bait, it wasn’t full of words–but I still received a wealth of inspiration and information from it. I learned about new places in my hometown I had never known about before, I learned about places from across the world I had only dreamt of visiting, and it felt like I was able to more genuinely connected with my friends and family. When people are sharing just a photo, unaccompanied from links, tons of text, etc, it is because that photo meant something to them on a deeper level. Whether it was artistically thought out and created through your hobby of photography, or whether it was a beautiful meal that put a smile on your face, when someone posts a picture of something it gives you some insight of what is most meaningful to that individual.

Instagram is filled with amazing food pics and food-themed Instagram accounts. And it’s no wonder–food pics is kind of what made Instagram take off. Before Instagram, we would just admire and eat our meals in private, with no bragging rights! Not very fun for a foodie, is it? Nowadays, we (1) get our food, (2) take a picture with the best angle and lighting possible, and (3) share with the world, and (4) finally eat it! And I have to say, I absolutely love food pics on Instagram.

Now of course there are many people who find food pics silly, or make fun of people who have to Insta before they eat, but let me tell you, they are missing out! Here are just seven ways Instagramming your food makes life better:


1. New Food Combo Ideas

Prior to joining Instagram, believe it or not I hated cooking. Loved food, hated cooking. My boyfriend (now husband) would always be our cook, and we made fun of how I couldn’t cook anything. I even messed up break-and-bake cookies. With us in our college days being so busy, and me not knowing how to cook, we would end up with the same rotation of three meals we would eat. But that would tend to get very boring, so we would eat out most of the time–not very good on our budget or our health to eat out at fast food chains 70% of the time. Sure we could do Google searches for ideas, but being working college students who also did extracurricular activities, it didn’t seem doable time-wise.

Instagram however, was the perfect way for us to connect with the world and get ideas quicker. We could look up hashtags; #easyhealthymeal , #healthysnack , #foodie , to name just a very small few, to get fast ideas of different easy combinations we could create!



Like in Tayler’s photo above, I would have never thought of such a wonderfully unique, sweet, and healthy combination! You can look through nearly endless hashtags and Instagram accounts for unique meal inspirations.



Thousands of foodie Instagrammers have given me countless moments of foodspiration!



Even if you don’t follow a foodie combination exactly as presented to you, looking at foodie pics still provides a good way to brainstorm new food combo ideas!


2. New Restaurants

Having lived in the same place almost all of my life, I can sometimes feel tired of the same restaurant options presented to me. Instagram has probably helped me discover more new places to eat near me than I ever could have found otherwise. How do I find new restaurants through Insta? Either through local bloggers, my friends and family, or by looking up a hashtag or geotag for the name of my city and check out pictures that capture my eye.

Lunch on the go! A jackfruit taco from @seabirdskitchen #taco #jackfruit #seabirdskitchen #thelaboc #vegetarian

A photo posted by Jessica McDonald (@thehealthymouse) on


When I discovered Seabirds near me, an amazing vegan restaurant that’s in an industrial-themed outdoor shopping mall, I was pleased to also stumble upon other amazing food choices around there! By discovering one, I discovered many, along with this wonderful gem:



Honey & Butter Macarons was the perfect find for me that I discovered through Instagram! They make macarons that look like Disney characters, tsums, and other pop culture references (and are insanely delicious on top of it).

Instagram not only allows you to find hidden restaurant gems, but I have also found it to be the best way to find the newest restaurant openings as well.



3. Travel Planning Made Easy

Which leads me to my next way of how Instagramming makes life better: Easy travel planning! Aside from figuring out transportation, figuring out where to eat was always the hardest task for me when visiting somewhere new. I like to have a list of restaurants I plan to go to ahead of time, so that I can better plan my day. And for someone like me who eats mostly all-natural and is vegetarian, I need to know that I can find restaurants to accommodate my eating lifestyle.

Using the same methods for finding local restaurants, I would look up geotags or hashtags of the city I was going to, then look at food pictures that caught my attention. For example, I’m currently planning a trip to Portland, Oregon. I would type in #portlandfood or #portlandvegetarian or just #portland . I would have so many pictures to look through. If I found multiple pictures that appealed to me from the same restaurant, or a restaurant account with multiple vegetarian options, I would put it on my list to visit, helping me be more prepared for my trip and more likely to keep eating clean while travelling.


I’ll name my first child Vanilla Rose. You heard it here first, folks.

A photo posted by Kayla Chapin (@kaylachapin) on


Of course, there are amazing lists out there from blogs and travel sites of some of the best restaurants to eat at in tourist destinations, and I often look at those, but when I want a wanderlust feeling and desire a more visual approach to my travel planning, Instagram is the way to go, even when travelling overseas.


4. Harvest a Love for Cooking

Remember how I said I hated cooking? Well Instagram food bloggers made me fall in love with it! Never in a million years did I think I could create great recipes, enjoy cooking, nor would I ever think I would be primarily a food blogger. The Instagram food community is just so kind, creative, and passionate, you can’t help but be inspired to cook and experiment.


Let’s face it, with beautiful colors, textures, smells, and the harmony cooking brings to a family, who wouldn’t want to work to achieve the chef-of-the-house status?


5. Connect With Others

Of course Facebook provides a way of connecting on a large scale, but I find Facebook to be more of a way to keep up-to-date on the lives of people I personally know. I love that Instagram allows us to connect on a meaningful level with people around the world who we have never met. By following people with similar interests or whose lives we find intriguing, we begin to feel like we know the people we follow on some level. It feels like the pen-palling of the 21st century. I myself have mad many wonderful connections on Instagram that have resulted in great networking and friendships.

And as they say, nothing brings people closer together than food. I find the food Instagram niche a large community, yet feels very tight-knit. Everyone is welcoming and enthusiastic about their own work and others; it is a very engaging and personable social media community.


6. Food Lust

You’ve heard of wanderlust, right? Well, although I often have a goal when looking at food pics (new food ideas, inspiration, travel planning, etc), sometimes I just want to look at food pictures as a form of daydreaming! Day dreaming of eating, and of cooking. The really outrageous food pics come in handy to fulfill your food lust!


7. Helps Small Businesses Grow

The 7th way Instagramming your food pictures helps make life better is how it boosts small and local businesses. It helps local businesses since it allows mom-and-pop restaurant chains a great outlet to be discovered, by showing off their amazing food they have to offer. Posting a food picture helps drive traffic to bloggers, who are working often for themselves and are very appreciative of the growth to their business. Small shops on Etsy and other eCommerce sites are able to show off their goods, without worrying about whether they should use click bait or not!

Instagramming food is all about simple, beautiful, feel-good moments that tap into all of our love language: FOOD!

Remember, Insta Before You Eat!

I’m sure there are even more reasons why Instagramming before you eat makes life better than listed here! But these are just a few of the ways food pics brighten each and every day! You can support my own blog venture and small business by sporting an “Insta Before You Eat” shirt from my Shop, or an “Insta Before You Eat” phone case! Stay tuned for a post coming soon of a round-up of my favorite food Instagrams!

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Thanks for reading!

Insta Before You Eat: 7 Ways Instagramming Food Makes Life Better!

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