Where to Find Impossible & Beyond Burgers at Disneyland Resort

Where to Find Impossible & Beyond Burgers at Disneyland Resort

Where to Find Impossible & Beyond Burgers at Disneyland Resort

Being a vegetarian, I am always thrilled when I see an Impossible or Beyond burger on a menu! It’s been a dream come true that Disneyland Resort has added more and more of them on their menus. When I’m walking around at Disney all day, nothing sounds as satisfying as one of these savory, protein-packed vegan burgers. So I sought out to make a guide for vegetarians and vegan that shows all the places you can find a Beyond or Impossible Burgers at Disneyland Resort.  Something to note, because of the Burger King Impossible Whopper, there’s been a shortage of Impossible Burgers since the company hasn’t been able to meet the demand. So I found that most of the places that typically offer Impossible burger had Beyond burger in its place until there is more Impossible available:


Hungry Bear  – Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger is offered at Hungry Bear, listed on the menu as the “Plant Based Burger”. It is vegan, and can be gluten-free with the request of the gluten-free bun.

Docking Bay 7 – Impossible Meat

In Docking Bay 7 at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you can find Impossible meat in two very unique dishes. From 11am-4pm only, you can find the Felucian Garden Spread, which is basically an Impossible meatball with pita bread and hummus, with a bit of a spicy kick.  (You can see my whole food guide to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge here)

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The vegan food option at Docking Bay 7: Felucian Garden Spread

Disney California Adventure

Lamplight Lounge – Impossible Burger

This item is off-menu, and my favorite Impossible burger at Disneyland Resort! It is topped with avocado, and the cheese has a crispy edge to it that is so amazing! It also comes with a side of their delicious fries, or veggies or fruit. You can make it vegan by eliminating the cheese and requesting the gluten-free bun, which is vegan.  (You can see my whole guide to Lamplight Lounge here)

Where to Find Impossible & Beyond Burgers at Disneyland Resort

Downtown Disney District

Ballast Point – Beyond Burger

At Ballast Point, they offer a Beyond Burger among many other vegan/vegetarian dishes. I have yet to try this one, but happy to know it’s an option!

Splitsville – Impossible Burger

I love that Splitsville offers their Impossible Burger two ways, in traditional Impossible Burger form and as sliders for a unique touch! Last time I went they were out of them due to the Impossible Burger shortage happening, but they replaced with a black bean burger patty instead of Beyond burger. Hopefully it will be able to return to Impossible Burger soon!

Disneyland Resort Hotels

Sandbar – Paradise Pier Hotel – Impossible Burger

The Sandbar is probably the least known about restaurant and lounge. It is open to the public, not just hotel guests, and is located next to the Paradise Pier Hotel pool. They offer a peanut butter & jelly Impossible burger, perfect for a foodie! (You can read my whole post about staying at Paradise Pier Hotel, and the restaurants on site here)

Surfside Lounge -Paradise Pier Hotel – Impossible Burger

The Lounge in the lobby of the Paradise Pier offers an Impossible burger topped with Thousand Island dressing! You can request it to be vegan as well.

Craftsman Lounge – Grand Californian Hotel – Impossible Burger

Craftsman Lounge, the newest lounge at Disneyland Resort located poolside at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel has the Impossible burger! It is an off-menu item that can be requested. (You can read my whole food guide to Craftsman Lounge here)

White Water Snacks – Grand Californian Hotel – Impossible Burger

This quick service restaurant is a hidden gem! It is right next to Craftsman Lounge, and also has an off-menu Impossible burger!

Tangaroa Terrace – Disneyland Hotel – Impossible Burger

At Trader Sam’s or Tangaroa Terrace (the tiki themed outdoor dining area) you can order this off-menu option.

Where to Find Impossible & Beyond Burgers at Disneyland Resort

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