Healthy Meal Planning For You & Your Pets

Eating Healthy Along With Your Pet! Meal Plan Included

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Healthy Meal Planning For You & Your Pets

Healthy Meal Planning For You and Your Pets, with some help From IAMS Grain Free Naturals! Downloadable meal plan included!

My blog is all about leading a healthy lifestyle, and of course one of the most important components of a healthy lifestyle is a healthy diet! A healthy diet is all about making natural food choices; meaning we don’t need to deprive ourselves of nutrient-rich grains or healthy fats, but rather all of our food groups should be wholesome and well-balanced. With so much concentration lately on creating delicious meal plans that my whole family will enjoy, I started to think about what my dog should be eating to get the same balanced diet my human family has.

I wanted to make sure I bought a food that wouldn’t have by-product-meal (which are just fillers, not very nutrient-rich), was grain-free, and had plenty of vitamins and minerals for my pup.


I ventured to Walmart, where I was pleased to find an excellent food for a super affordable food that met all of my qualifications: IAMS™ Grain Free Naturals! I bought the small bag of adult dog food in salmon and red lentil for only $9.97.



I loved that the first ingredient in the food was Chicken. Not chicken by-product or chicken meal, but whole chicken! Dogs thrive from protein, so having a lean protein as the main ingredient was perfect. The next main ingredient were peas (veggies, check!). Other ingredients in the food were salmon (the oils in salmon make for a wonderfully shiny coat and smooth skin), lentils (a nutrient-rich carbohydrate, easier for dogs to digest than wheat), and many other vitamin, minerals, and healthy foods (i.e. flaxseed, beet pulp, etc.).


Making a Meal Plan

I thought in order to stick to healthy eating for both my family and my dog, it would be great to make a side-by-side meal plan for both my family and my fur baby! This way, I can really see that I am nourishing everyone with what will provide us fuel for our happy, yet busy lives:


Click here to download my sample dinner meal plan for a week!

Breaking down the IAMS™ Grain Free Naturals dog food by food group really helped show that I was giving my dog an incredible diet, and it helped me stay accountable in planning the rest of my family’s meals. Just like I want only the best for my dog, I want only the best for my family. You can use my pre-made dinner meal plan for inspiration, or you can do your own side-by-side meal plan from scratch by clicking to download the template below:

Eating Healthy Along With Your Pet! Meal Plan Included

Click here to download this editable meal plan template.

When filling out your own meal plan, these are the steps I took to make it as simple as possible:

1. If you have food at your house, but aren’t sure what to make with it, write down an ingredient to go with each food group. It might inspire an amazing salad, flatbread, pasta dish, let your creative juices flow!

2. Once you can see what ingredients you want to use, brainstorm what meal you will want to make with it. Another option in creating your meal plan is to write down a meal you want to make, and then see if it “checks all your boxes”.

3. For the dog side of your meal plan, write down the name of the dog food you are feeding your pet. Then take a look at the first few ingredients (these make up the bulk of your dog’s food), and see if it checks all the boxes. Although I used IAMS™ Grain Free Naturals, there are nearly countless other kinds of IAMS™ available for all life stages.

Eating Healthy Along With Your Pet! Meal Plan Included

My dinner and my dog’s dinner on Sunday

Eating Healthy Along With Your Pet! Meal Plan Included

My dinner and my dog’s dinner on Monday!

Super simple to stay on track and have the piece of mind that your family is leading a healthy lifestyle together!


More About IAMS™

Eating Healthy Along With Your Pet! Meal Plan Included

I was of course excited to try such a high quality, affordable dog food, but was even more thrilled when I saw how much my dog enjoyed it! My dog can be a picky eater when trying new dog foods, but she loved the IAMS™ Grain Free Naturals. There was definitely a visible difference in her excitement at meal times. It’s nice to see all of us sticking to a healthy diet, and seeing my dog excited to eat her own food, rather than just getting happy over table scraps!

You can enter for a chance to feed your pet nourishing IAMS™ dog food for FREE for a whole year, or win a $125 Walmart gift card in the giveaway below:


To learn more about IAMS™ dog foods and the visible difference you can expect to see in your dog from their food, you can visit their site at: HappyPetHappyHome.com

I would love to hear about your IAMS™ experience, and what visible differences you’ve seen in your pet by feeding them right. Send me a tweet, Facebook comment, or comment on this post about your IAMS™ dog food story!

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