Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

Disclosure: Some of these items were provided to me for free, though all thoughts and opinions are my own. The numbers next to the items do not reflect favorite to least favorite, but rather what order best fit my guide’s main image aesthetically. 

You may have seen my previous gift guides for Coffee Lovers, Foodies, and Disney Lovers – this time I checked out products that encompass another big passion of mine: Fitness! My favorite items in the world of fitness, that help make working out more fun, and a little easier!


1. Sweetflexx Leggings

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!
Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

I love the concept of Sweetflexx leggings! They are workout leggings that have resistance band technology built in, making your workouts a little more toning and challenging. If you have hit a plateau in your workouts, these are the perfect extra boost you need to help define and tone your legs and make you work a little harder in your routine. Even if you are just taking a brisk walk, Sweetflexx leggings will help you burn an extra few. I also love that they are snug in all the right places, looking very flattering on and out and about. I have even worn them with a flowy top as part of a regular outfit! You can learn more about Sweetflexx workout leggings at http://sweetflexx.com/en/


2. The Runner Box

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

The Runner Box is the perfect subscription box service for a fitness lover! I love giving subscription boxes as gifts, since you can choose to order it for one month, or an ongoing subcription, giving you lots of options on what you want to spend. Also, since they always come with multiple items, it’s like getting lots of little gifts in one! The Runner Box has useful items for any active person, not just runners! From healthy food, to gear, and skincare, The Runner Box has a wide range of items, making it an exciting gift to receive each month. To learn more about The Runner Box, visit https://www.therunnerbox.com/


3. High Endurance Cosmetics

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

I absoltuely love going to the gym, but since I tend to break out often, I do not love going to the gym covered in breakouts! I didn’t want to put make-up on at the gym, as I didn’t want it to sweat off – not a great look! Even in daily life chasing my toddler, I would find my make-up running and smudging. High Endurance Cosmetics are sweatproof, smudgeproof, making for long-lasting make-up the WHOLE day. It survives through gym, parenthood, work…without having to re-apply! You can get a set as a gift or individual pieces as stocking stuffers! To purchase High Endurance Cosmetics, visit http://www.highendurancecosmetics.com/


4. StarWalk

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

I know so many people obsessed with their Fitbit! (And they’re great activity motivators, so I can see the appeal) StarWalk is like a Fitbit…for your pet! You put the small StarWalk activity tracker on your pet’s collar to make sure they are getting as much activity as needed. With pet obesity becoming an epidemic, StarWalk is a great, easy solution to keep pets healthy. It can be hard to tell how much exercise our pets should be getting, but with the StarWalk pet activity tracker you can make sure your pet is getting the steps they need, while helping make sure you get outside to play with your furry best friends, too! To purchase StarWalk, visit http://iqpet.com/


5. Ristroller

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

This is the absolute perfect stocking stuffer for active people! Ristroller is a mini self-massager. A firm, foam roller that is only 1.5 inches long, you can use it to ease foot pain, wrist pain, palms, and forearm aches. I especially love using the ristroller after I’ve been typing at my computer for a while – it helps prevent and cure wrist pain from typing for me. You can learn more about ristroller and purchase at https://ristroller.com/collections/frontpage/products/1-5-mini-foam-roller-firm


6. Go Caddy 

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

When I go to the gym, most of the time I don’t want to bring a purse to leave in a locker room, or try to remember to carry around from machine to machine. Go Caddy is a product made for gym-goers to carry their personal belongings with them while they work out! It is a small, over-the-shoulder bag that has a water bottle holder, holder for your wallet and phone, and even a clip for your keys. They are very stylish, so even if you are going from gym to work or shopping, you can bring your Go Caddy! To purchase, visit http://www.gocaddy.com/


7. Urban Strength Jump Rope

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

I love tuning into my inner child while working out, by doing something FUN! As a kid, I would jump rope all the time – as an adult, it’s still a great idea to jump rope, as it is an excellent cardio workout. This Urban Strength Jump Rope is super light weight, with comfortable grips, and is very aerodynamic, meaning you can jump rope super fast, if that’s your speed. Super easy to tuck into your gym bag or purse, making it also a great stocking stuffer! You can purchase the Urban Strength Jump Rope at https://www.urbanstrength.com.au/products/speed-rope


8. ZENBand

Holiday Gift Guide for Fitness lovers!

I must say, I am quite obsessed with the ZENBand! When I would go running, I would never wear earbuds since they always fall out of my ears. And while doing other workouts with weights, etc, earbuds get in the way. The ZENBand has speakers built into this super soft workout headband, so you can listen to your music or podcast without focusing on keeping anything in your ears! The ZENBand also doubles as an eye mask. I’m taking this along with me on my upcoming international flight, so I can listen to my music, look fashionable, and also use as an eye mask when it’s time to get some shut eye! You can purchase the ZENBand at http://www.bloomingwellness.com/product/zenband/


Which fitness lover gift suggestion are you most excited to try out?

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