Holiday Gift Guide – Gifts For Coffee Lovers

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Disclosure: I received some of the below products for free, but all opinions and thoughts are my own.

If you’re like me, you can’t get enough coffee! Not only is it fabulous to drink, but the aroma is one of the best scents in the world! For those who have loved ones who are as coffee-obsessed as I am, I have compiled my holiday gift guide for coffee lovers!


1. Black to Bright 

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Black to Bright is a teeth whitener to help remove coffee stains! This is a must have for me, someone who always loves taking photos, without having to sacrifice coffee for fear of yellowed teeth. This would be a great stocking stuffer, or a gift to help treat yourself to boost your confidence in your smile a little! Black to Bright is made from volcanic ash, activated characaol, clover, and orange – so it is all natural! This is a perfect whitening solution for people who are sensitive to fluoride teeth whiteners (such as myself). To purchase Black to Bright, you can visit: https://changesoap.com/products/black-to-bright-charcoal-tooth-whitener


2. Starbucks French Roast

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

So I know, the fact that Starbucks coffee beans are delicous is no secret! But I had to take a moment to particularly talk about my favorite of the Starbucks roasts: the French roast! The French roast is my favorite because in my opinion, when you make it at home, it tastes the most like the coffee made by Starbucks baristas. The Pike can sometimes be too weak if I’m brewing at home in a French press, but the French roast seems to be a good, strong coffee for a French press or coldbrew coffee maker, with still tasting like a regular Starbucks coffee! It’s the perfect gift for those who like good, strong coffee. To purchase, visit: Starbucks.com


3. Willow & Everett Coldbrew Coffee Maker

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

I love dark, strong coffee, but I only drink iced coffee! The bad thing about that? Sometimes it can be hard to make at home. I had tried other coldbrew coffee makers in the past which resulted in weak tasting coffee. I FINALLY found a coldbrew coffee maker that makes INCREDIBLE iced coffee; the Willow & Everett Coldbrew Coffee Maker. You fill up the mesh filter with coarsely ground beans, let it sit 18-24 hours in the fridge, and you have amazingly smooth, rich tasting coffee. Not only does it finally give me easy iced coffee, but I love the sleek, modern design of the coffee maker. You can purchase the Willow & Everett Coldbrew Coffee Maker here: http://willowandeverett.com/cold-brew-coffee-maker/


4. KIND Bars

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

As a health nut who also has a sweet tooth, one of my go-to favorite snacks to have between meals or sometimes as a dessert are KIND bars. Made from just fruits and nuts, with low carb and low sugar options, this is the perfect health nut, guilt-free treat. I am obsessed with having the chocolatey flavors with my coffee, it’s just the right amount of sweetness to pair with coffee perfectly. For the coffee lover, KIND bars are the perfect stocking stuffer. KIND bar also has some delicious, guilt-free coffee-inspired flavors: Caramel Macchiato, Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond, and Dark Chocolate Mocha–how perfect would those be to tell your fellow coffee lover you were thinking about them this holiday season? To learn more about KIND bars, click here: http://www.kindsnacks.com/


5. Beauty Bakerie Lip Whips


As someone who always likes to dress in themed outfits, I also love having a huge array of liquid lipsticks to coordinate for every occasion. I just discovered Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whips. I was intrigued by their Hot Cocoa gift set, which had colors called Swiss Mocha Frappe, Fortune Cookie, French Toast, Ginger Snap, Louvre Palace, and S’mores D’oeuvres. How adorable is that? I tried on the Swiss Mocha Frappe first (because coffee is everything). Not only is it named and colored after a coffee drink, but it is an amazing set for the coffee lover because Beauty Bakerie’s Lip Whips DO. NOT. COME. OFF. I’m totally serious, I’ve never tried on a more budge-free matte lipgloss. I also love the Hot Cocoa set in particular because the colors are a beautiful, and sophisticated neutral palate. To purchase, visit: https://www.beautybakerie.com/products/hot-cocoa-set


6. Coffee Made Me Do It Sweatshirt

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Influencer and actress Candy Washington recently opened an online store called 1214 by Candy Washington. The shop is full of fun, inspirational, and girly clothing! This sweatshirt in particular, saying “Coffee Made Me Do It” resonated the most with me…it’s the perfect subtle yet stylish sweatshirt to throw on to look cute on your morning coffee runs! You can purchase the sweatshirt at: http://shop.candywashington.com/


7. El Gato Malo French Press


I recently reviewed the El Gato Malo stainless steel French press, and couldn’t be happier with it! I love the stylish design, it looks beautiful on my kitchen counter. It’s great for hot or iced coffee (since the stainless steel helps prevent it from cracking). I also loves that it makes 4 cups of coffee, since I like to make a lot of coffee at once to help caffeinate me throughout the day. As far as French presses go, this is one of the best! You can even get it for 15% off with code ThHlyMse at http://www.amztk.com/elgatomalo


8. Barista Buzz Espresso Soap

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers
Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

High Street Soap’s Barista Buzz Espresso Soap bar is the best thing to happen to a natural-living, coffee lover such as myself! It is made from fresh brewed espresso, and topped with coffee beans. It looks gorgeous, and the espresso grounds feel great against my skin, acting as a gentle exfoliant. Oh, and did I mention it smells so amazing? The Barista Buzz espresso soap is perfect for a stocking stuffer, gift exchange gift, or in coffee lovers gift basket. To purchase, visit: https://www.highstreetsoap.com/products/barista-buzz-espresso-specialty-soap


9. Gin-Gins Ginger Candy in Hot Coffee

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

I’ve always loved Gin-Gins ginger candy from The Ginger People! An all-natural candy that is a perfect guilt-free sweet treat, or to help subside naeusua. For all you coffee lovers, Gin-Gins now has a Hot Coffee flavor! It has the spicy ginger taste, but with that rich, slightly bitter coffee taste. It is perfect to pair alongside your coffee, as a stocking stuffer, or just as a candy on its own. To learn more about Gin-Gins candy and all their delicious flavors of spicy, chewy, natural candies, you can visit: http://gingerpeople.com/gin-gin-candies.html


10. Happiest Hipster on Earth Bag

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Perfect for a loved one who is a student or frequents cafes is the Mickey Mouse Happiest Hipster on Earth Bag. The bag features a Hipster Mickey, holding a coffee cup. The bag is high quality, sturdy, and fits a laptop perfectly. Or, you can fit several sketch books and an iPad. You can purchase this bag online at: https://www.disneystore.com/bags-totes-accessories-mickey-mouse-canvas-bag-happiest-hipster-on-earth/mp/1338596/1000291/


11. Hipster Mickey To-go Mug

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

With the same design as the Happiest Hipster on Earth Bag, this gift would be the perfect pairing with the bag! The ceramic to-go cup provides an eco-friendly way to bring your coffee on the go, or have filled up at your local cafe. It also shows your love for Disney and coffee, all on one mug! It is a Disney Parks authentic item, but can also be purchased online at: https://www.disneystore.com/drinkware-kitchen-dinnerware-home-decor-mickey-mouse-hipster-mickey-travel-mug-by-jerrod-maruyama/mp/1397314/1000350/


12. Coffee Tree

Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers
Holiday Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

Perfect for a coffee lover, and someone who is into being eco-friendly and going “green”, is a PlantOGram Coffee tree! That’s right, with PlantOGram.com you can mail someone a coffee tree for less than $50. This is a perfect Christmas gift, since coffee trees grow best in winter. The coffee tree has beautiful white flowers whose smell is similiar to gardenias, and they grow coffee berries. You can roast the berries and grind them to make your own coffee beans! This tree is the gift that keeps on giving, allowing you to make coffee beans at home rather than buying! It is sure to be a beautiful addition to someone’s outdoor space and provide resources for the coffee lover. What is also great about the coffee tree is that it can be kept in a pot indoors, so even if you have an apartment you can still enjoy a bountiful coffee tree! To purchase, visit: https://plantogram.com/product/coffee/


I hope you enjoyed checking out my top picks for holiday gifts for the coffee lover, and would love to hear what some of your favorite products were!

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