Health Warrior – Healthy Snacks for Busy Women

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Health Warrior – Healthy Snacks for Busy Women

Healthy Snacks for Busy Women - Healthy and tasty snacks that you can easily take on the go! #HealthWarrior #HealthWarriorWay #Ad

It’s almost the end of the week, and as per usual, I can’t believe what a whirlwind it was! Like most working women, the amount of things I did and places I went was enough to amount to two full time jobs! With people being busier and more on-the-go than ever, probably one of the number one questions I get asked as a healthy lifestyle blogger is: “How do I snack healthy when I’m so busy?” When you have little to no breaks during the day, it can be easy to either (a) snack on unhealthy or fatty foods, or (b) skip eating altogether, both of which deny your body of necessary fuel. Neither of these solutions are great for living a healthy, energized life, which is why I am happy to share one of my best tips for snacking healthy on-the-go: Snacking the #HealthWarriorWay !


Women On-the-Go

Lately, with my schedule becoming more demanding than ever, I have needed all the possible energy I can muster. This is why I have been making sure I always have Health Warrior bars on hand. When I’m rushing to get out the door for a meeting, I can just grab one of these little bars to give me healthy nutrients in a snack whose taste I love. Health Warrior bars are packed with chia seeds, which absorb water and swell, helping you stay full. I love knowing that if I have one of these bars while driving between meetings that I won’t have a growling stomach distracting me from my work.


Workout Fuel

These tasty little bars are also my snacking solution for pre or post workout! I love that you don’t have to refrigerate them, so I can keep a box in my gym bag or car, so I’m never left hungry. So often, I need a little bit of fuel to help give me energy for my workouts, especially if I’m going to the gym right after work. But often times snacks are either not enough to keep me energized, or they are too heavy before a workout. These snacks provide the perfect balance, small but packed with energy. And since they only have 4-5 grams of sugar they won’t make you have jitters or spikes in your blood sugar!


Taking a Break

I often rely on Health Warrior Chia Bars to give me energy when I’m rushing between work and the gym, but I also like to enjoy these bars during moments of much needed relaxation! I want a snack that feels like a treat–such as Health Warrior’s dark chocolate, chocolate peanut butter, or coconut–but that doesn’t interfere with my healthy lifestyle. So when this boss babe is taking a break at a coffee shop or by the pool, there’s nothing better than having a refreshing beverage along with Health Warrior bars. These little 100 calorie bars with amazing flavors and a chia seed texture that I love is enough to put a smile on my face and feel good about my snacking choices!


Where to Find Health Warrior Chia Bars

If you are a busy woman such as myself and are looking to give Health Warrior Chia Bars a try so that you can provide your body great-tasting, healthy fuel, you can find these bars at Whole Foods and other health food retailers, or even better, order online at Health Warrior’s website. To get you started on your first Health Warrior order, you can use the discount promo code healthymouse30 for 30% off your entire order! I would love to hear what Health Warrior Chia Bar flavor you’re most excited to try! Comment letting me know on this post or tell me on Twitter @healthy_mouse!






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