A Day of Rest and Relaxation at Glen Ivy Hot Springs

Disclosure: This visit at Glen Ivy was hosted, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

On The Healthy Mouse, I am always talking about my passion for healthy eating! Often times, focusing on relaxation and mental health can go on the back burner. This past weekend, I decided to make rest and relaxation a priority so I could de-stress, clear my mind, and feel ready for the week ahead of me. I have for years always wanted to go to Glen Ivy Hot Springs in Corona, CA. I went with one of my girlfriends, and we had the best time!

Photo Credit: Glen Ivy

Photo Credit: Glen Ivy

We started our afternoon with some healthy food sampling and wine tastings at Goco Cafe on property. While there, I learned that much of the produce that Glen Ivy serves in their kitchens is grown right on property! You could taste the freshness of the veggies in every bite, and I always love knowing where my food is sourced from.

I always love a good cheese board, and I must say, this was among the best I had ever eaten anywhere:

After we had some food and wine, we headed to Club Mud, where you exfoliate yourself with clay. I thought it may be a little cold in the winter, but Glen Ivy had heaters all around, making the clay exfoliation feel very cozy. After the clay is dry, you take a nice, warm rinse in their showers (which look like caves, how cool is that?).

Photo Credit: Glen Ivy

Next, we did the Grotto experience. The Grotto is one of Glen Ivy’s signature experiences, where you get a full body moisturizer on you (it’s nice, warm and cozy too), then you go into a dry sauna to let your skin moisturize. You then rinse off and go into a relaxation room for as long as you like, complete with tea. All the rooms in the Grotto experience are underground and looks like an enchanting cave!

Photo Credit: Glen Ivy

To finish the day off, we went back to the Goco Cafe and had some light desserts and hot chocolate in our cozy spa robes. And also….they have a full service Starbucks at Glen Ivy! It’s like this place was made just for me!

There’s so much to indulge in, do, and see at Glen Ivy that I didn’t even get to! There are mineral baths, pools, and natural hot springs, as well as spa services such as massages and pedicures. Whether you want to splurge or be budget-conscious, Glen Ivy Hot Springs has a wide variety of experiences at every price point. So if you have been in need of unwinding, I honestly can’t think of a better place in Southern California to relax! To learn more about Glen Ivy, you can visit their site here.


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