I’m Going on a Disney Vacation!

Heading on a trip to Disney Wonder

I’m Going on a Disney Vacation!

You may have seen on my Instagram that I am going on a Disney vacation!!! I am super excited that I’ll be going on a Disney Cruise, and on a ship I’ve never been on before: The Disney Wonder! I will be going on a family 3-generational trip…my mom, myself, and my daughter Amelia are flying to Vancouver, Canada today to depart on the Disney Wonder for a girls trip.

Heading on a trip to Disney Wonder

The Disney Wonder mainly does Alaskan cruises, but this cruise is a relocation cruise, so it’s a bit different. Now that the weather is getting colder, the Wonder is relocating to depart from San Diego to do Mexico cruises for fall and winter. So our cruise is a unique route (in fact, the the first of its kind!). It will depart from Vancouver, stop in Astoria, Oregon (most notably the filming location of The Goonies), and then have two days at sea and then end in San Diego, CA.

To kick off the trip, we got our American Tourister luggage all packed, and then I requested a phone call from Goofy to tell Amelia he’s going to be seeing her soon on our trip!



What’s Unique to Disney Wonder

Each ship has unique shows and restaurants! On the Disney Wonder, you can find Tiana’s Place, a restaurant where you can meet and greet with Tiana while you dine, as well as listen to a live jazz band! Tiana is my favorite Disney Princess, so this is something I’m most excited for on Disney Wonder. You can also find Triton’s restaurant, an art deco, Little Mermaid themed restaurant, as well as Animator’s Palate.

Photo Credit: Disney

Photo credit: Disney

For shows, they have The Golden Mickeys, Disney Dreams, and Frozen A Musical Spectacular. Since I probably won’t get to New York to see Frozen on Broadway, getting to see the Broadway-caliber Disney Cruise version of Frozen is the next best thing! I absolutely can’t wait!

Photo Credit: Disney


Stay Tuned for What’s Next!

I will be sharing lots of my trip on Instagram, as well as share about my fish extender DIY, fish extender gifts, and post about Tiana’s Place, what to do with kids on Disney Wonder, and a ship tour of the Wonder!

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  • Meg 1 year ago Reply

    What an incredible opportunity and trip of a lifetime. I love the multigenerational vacation. I think that is something that is so easily done within a Disney related trip. I am so happy for you. I had no idea that Disney did these type of fall cruises. Thanks for the info and I can’t wait to follow along!

    Jessica 1 year ago Reply

    I’m so excited! I’ve never gone on a cruise like this!

  • Janna 1 year ago Reply

    Will it be decorated for Halloween

    Jessica 1 year ago Reply

    No, I believe the Halloween cruises start next week

  • This sounds amazing! I’ve never been anywhere Disney (both Disneyland and Disneyworld are HIGH up on my “to visit” list though!), but a cruise sounds AMAZING. I didn’t even know Disney cruises existed! Hope you have a magical time.

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