8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales


Last week, Disney Interactive launched an incredible mobile game called Disney Enchanted Tales. With it having been released for a little over a week now, you may have had the pleasure of playing it. If not, you probably have seen people raving about it in your Facebook feed (I know I have) and are wondering what Disney Enchanted Tales is all about!

To give you the run-down, it is an interactive game where the kingdoms of three different Disney princess stories are interwoven (Tangled, Frozen, and Beauty & the Beast). You earn coins, stars, diamonds, build and expand kingdoms, earn new characters, and experience beloved Disney animated stories in a whole new way! To give you a closer look into the game, here is my list of 8 awesome things about Disney Enchanted Tales:


8. A Closer Look at the Kingdoms

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

When watching Tangled, the scenery and colors of the kingdom of Corona are breathtaking! As Belle is singing “Little Town” while strolling through her quaint village in France, I wish I could hop into the movie and explore all the titles in the local bookshop myself, or even finally get to “chapter 3” while reading with sheep at a fountain. And as for Frozen, I for one would love to explore the exterior of the castle and its courtyard and those beautiful fjords more in-depth! What I love about Disney Enchanted Tales is that you build the kingdoms yourself, allowing a closer look at the dazzling castles, shops, trees, etc. designed for these Disney princess movies.

You have the creativity to move buildings and set pieces around as you please, yet the buildings themselves are replicas of what you would see in the movies. I love that the game has interpreted what we are familiar with, yet given us enough creative freedom to execute our own interpretations of these worlds and what we have imagined them to be like.


7. Get More of the Story

7 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

If you’re a huge Disney fan like me, you can’t learn enough about the worlds of the Disney princesses! Which is exactly why Disney brings us so many fantastic variations of the stories of Tangled, Frozen, and Beauty & the Beast via sequels, storybooks, stage shows at the parks and on the cruises…But what I particularly love about this game is that it brings us an expanded re-telling of these stories! With each new building you make, every new task you perform, and each character that crosses one another’s path, a story is told within the game that gives us a more in-depth looks into Belle, Rapunzel, Anna, and Elsa’s worlds.


6. Art Design

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

If you have been to Downtown Disney in Florida or California, you may have been to the Wonderground Gallery. An amazing gallery with artworks of Disney characters in just about every style and aesthetic you can think of! It’s one of my favorite places at Downtown Disney, and I absolutely love seeing Disney artwork to get a glimpse at other people’s interpretations of these beloved movies.

This whole game is an incredible work of art, having been carefully and artfully designed to fit the vibe of Disney animation meets mobile game. The whole layout of the game has patchwork and stitching details to represent the look of a quilt. The quilt connects the three princesses’ kingdoms and allows them to interact among each other’s different time periods and locations. Pretty incredible that so much art, time, and dedication was put in to make this game as beautiful as the animated films Disney Enchanted Tales is based on!


5. Combine Disney Worlds

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

What is so unique about Disney Enchanted Tales is the opportunity to get to interweave three different worlds! You wouldn’t normally see Belle, Rapunzel, Anna, or Elsa next door to each other. But this game gets to bring this amazing opportunity to our fingertips. Can I move into this Disney princess patchwork story quilt, please?


4. Hidden Mickeys

This game is perfect for those who love to hunt for hidden Mickeys in the Disney Parks! Even when you can’t be at the park, you can hunt for Mickeys in Disney Enchanted Tales. (I won’t post any here though, no spoilers!) In addition to hidden Mickeys, there are lots of intricate details for the Disney novice to find; such as the screengrab above of Belle reading her book at the fountain. The page in her book is exactly the same words, picture, etc. from the actual book in the movie!


3. Always Something New to See

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

When you play Disney Enchanted Tales, whether you are waiting 3 hours for Mother Gothel to finish up her visit at the cobbler, or having a 30 second dancing break in the ballroom with Anna, there’s always something going on in this game. I get so frustrated when I’m hooked on a game yet am at a standstill because there are no activities to perform at the moment. But in this game, with so many characters, places, and stories intertwined, there’s always a new task to do and new character to talk to.


2. Great for All Ages

Since this is a game where you tap and complete tasks, expand and explore realms and stories (rather than a run-to-the-finish-line-type game), this is great for children and adults. Even my toddler loves the game! She enjoys looking at the beautiful colors and tapping on the icons that alert us new coins are ready to collect or a new task is ready to embark on!


1. It’s Not Yet Complete

8 Awesome Things About Disney Enchanted Tales

With the worlds of Beauty & the Beast, Frozen, and Tangled to explore, there is nearly never-ending fun to be had with this game as it currently is! But Disney Enchanted Tales has other Disney princess kingdoms in the works that will be released later on. I can’t wait to see what they might be–perhaps we will be able to go on magic carpet rides over all of the kingdoms, or see what’s under the sea! I just love that the creators of Disney Enchanted Tales stayed true to Walt Disney’s creative philosophy he has for the Disney Parks, that they will never be complete!


Learn More

It has been amazing getting to play Disney Enchanted Tales with my family this week, as well as attending the Disney Enchanted Tales launch party and hearing from some of the game’s creators. There was a fabulous Disney princess-themed tea party to mark the occasion, which you can see pictures from in the slideshow below:

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You can play Disney Enchanted Tales on your phone or tablet. I have a game going on both, and I can’t wait to expand my kingdoms even more! You can download the app for free here on iTunes or Google Play.

You can get even more of a sneak peek from the trailer below:

You can follow along my journey playing Disney Enchanted Tales as well as others via social media, using #DisneyEnchantedTales – I can’t wait to see how you build and layout your Disney kingdoms!

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