What Better Carriage Ride to Disneyland Than a Cinderella Car Seat?

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Kids Embrace, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My daughter’s (and my) favorite place in the world to go to is Disneyland! We drive there all the time, not only so I can get the latest scoop on all things Disney for you, my readers, but also to spend family time all together! However, the car ride can sometimes be boring for impatient toddlers like mine! I wanted to help her look forward to riding in the car, instead of dreading it, like so many infants and toddlers do! I thought what better way to make her car ride special, than with a Disney car seat?

KidsEmbrace is a company that strives to make safety fun! They go above and beyond to make car seats special by having a wide variety of car seats adorned in different superhero characters, princesses, and more! We picked out the Cinderella car seat in pink, since my daughter absolutely loves Disney Princesses. We installed it in our car, and the next morning, decided to surprise our princess with a “carriage” ride to Disneyland in her very own Cinderella car seat!

The car seat comes in pink and gray, and not only has Cinderella on the car seat but has flaps on either side that look like Cinderella’s dress, that you can double as a blanket that doesn’t get lost in the car since it’s attached to the car seat! My daughter loves being able to pull the blanket onto herself when she’s feeling sleepy. There are also two cupholders, perfect to hold snacks and a drink!

My daughter was over the moon with her surprise Cinderella car seat, and now whenever we are going to go anyplace, whether to Disneyland or to run an errand, she yells “Cinderella car seat!” in delight and excitement! It has really helped improve our driving experience. You can find the Cinderella car seat here, and view KidsEmbrace’s other designs at their site here. You can purchase KidsEmbrace car seats online and at many major retailers. Happy travelling!


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Add some Disney Magic to your car rides with an adorable Disney Princess Cinderella car seat!

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