Building A Stylish & Affordable Baby Fall Wardrobe

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

Building A Stylish & Affordable Baby Fall Wardrobe

Building a Stylish & Affordable Baby Fall Wardrobe

If you follow me on social media, it’s evident that I can’t snap enough pictures of my daughter! I absolutely love going on special outings and doing photo shoots of her, and before doing those things I love to carefully style an outfit for the occasion!

However, now that she is 20 months old, she is growing faster than ever! She of course needs clothes that are practical for each of the changing seasons, but I also want her to be able to have a wardrobe that is current and in-style since I love fashion and my daughter is a little fashionista in training. With fall approaching and cooler weather coming, I needed to start putting together a baby fall wardrobe that would be both stylish and affordable.

I headed to one of my favorite baby clothing stores, Carter’s. Carter’s is my go-to place when getting new wardrobe essentials for my daughter since they have numerous collections that coordinate with one another. When you walk into a Carter’s store, each collection is conveniently separated by rack, with many types of pieces; dresses, pants, bodysuits, tops, jackets, sweaters, etc. having coordinating fabrics, making it incredibly fast and convenient to get mix-and-match pieces for your child. And trust me, when you’re shopping with a 20 month old, you need to get in-and-out of a store FAST!

I picked out pieces from one of their new fall collections with a scarlet red and navy blue color scheme, absolutely gorgeous with my daughter’s bright blue eyes! For my fall wardrobe essentials checklist, I purchased:


You can click here to download and print my baby fall wardrobe essentials checklist to take into store with you.

I highly recommend getting clothes from the same collection, as the mix-and-match options are nearly endless! I put together several outfits for my daughter just from buying the clothes on my checklist, and I still haven’t exhausted all of the outfit possibilities!

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

In the outfit above, my daughter is wearing a long-sleeved bodysuit, pants, a poncho, and shoes from Carter’s. The bodysuit and pants came in a mix-and-match set, and I absolutely love that I don’t have to think hard to have her look cute and coordinated! Their perfectly curated pants and bodysuit packs are some of my favorite things to purchase at Carter’s. On my baby fall essentials checklist I also put a statement piece. My statement piece was this gorgeous knit poncho. I love to have a “wow” item of clothing that isn’t necessarily for everyday play, but really makes an outfit look entirely different or stand out for a special occasion. I thought this poncho would not only be practical for cooler weather, but also be great for fall family portraits.

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

For a new look more for fall outdoor playtime, I paired the same bodysuit with jeans. Jeans don’t get as dirty or need to be washed as often as soft pants, so I tend to be okay with one pair for each seasonal wardrobe. You’ll noticed I also cuffed the jeans on my daughter–since it’s just beginning to be fall I wanted her fall wardrobe to last her until winter time, so I got a size that had some growing room.

The Carter’s moccasins were also the perfect fall essential shoes to buy, since they are a neutral color they went with any type of look!

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

These shoes have a soft sole, but are very sturdy. Perfect for a crawler who needs a crib shoe, or even an adventurer like my girl, they held up very well at our time on the farm!

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

For one of my pairs of pants, bodysuit, and for my sweater, I got this adorable set that came together (pictured above). I love to have 3-4 pairs of soft pants for the fall. They are lightweight and comfy, perfect for transitioning weather. I like to have a pair of pants to wear, one most likely will end up in the laundry, and then a couple I can pack as extras. This ensemble has a short-sleeved bodysuit, perfect for layering in autumn as it can go back and forth between hot and cold pretty quickly in California. This outfit still fits in with the red and navy color scheme of the Carter’s fall collection I stuck with, but is full of gorgeous details, such as the paisley design on the bottom of the pants, the embroidery on the jacket, and the adorable zipper tassel.

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

Here is another statement piece/top I loved on my cutie! This lightweight peasant top is retro and stylish, and the embroidery is gorgeous. It looks very high end and high quality, yet so affordable! Although I am a huge fan and mix and matching bodysuits since they’re so versatile, I also love seeing my daughter in a top like this that is a reflection of her transition into toddler hood.

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

Here is another outfit option using a pair of pants and a long-sleeved bodysuit from Carter’s fall collection. This is great for playtime, yet looks stylish, so that you never have to sacrifice one for the other. And just by adding one piece, such as the poncho, it takes on a whole new look:

Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe
Building a Baby's Stylish & Affordable Fall Wardrobe

To create your own stylish & affordable baby fall wardrobe, that is great for both dress-up and play, my recommendations are:

  • Buy a size that fits your child but has a little growing room to last all season.
  • Use the amounts I recommended on my checklist here.
  • Buy items from the same collection at Carter’s, making the most of your mix-and-match possibilities.
  • Stock up on bodysuits, as they are among the most versatile baby clothing.
  • Buy a pair of shoes in a neutral color to go with everything. If you live in an area where the weather tends to be colder, buy a pair of booties and a pair of flats.
  • Download a coupon! (Below)

Using a coupon, I was able to buy all of the clothes on my checklist pictured above for only $67! This haul was a huge bang for my buck that I will be able to use for my daughter all season long with nearly endless outfit combinations. You can find a Carter’s location nearest you at http://bit.ly/1kEpVdj , or shop online at Carter’s at http://bit.ly/29RXLue

To get you started, you can use the coupon below by either showing in store or using the coupon code CARSEP8 for 25% off your purchase of $40 or more (good through October 3, 2016):


In addition to saving 20% off with the above coupon, you can enter to be one of 75 winners of a $50 Carter’s gift card! Enter the Pin Baby Pin contest by 9/26, just by uploading a picture of your little in a Carter’s outfit, or your favorite Carter’s outfit picture from their website via this link: https://api.curalate.com/v2/contests/379720520


I would love to see pictures of your baby’s stylish and affordable fall wardrobe, too! Tag your baby fall wardrobe pictures with #LoveCarters on Instagram.



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