Your Plant-Based Guide Conference Coming to Costa Mesa

Your Plant-Based Guide Conference in Costa Mesa, CA

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Your Plant-Based Guide Conference Coming to Costa Mesa

Coming May 19-20th to the Hilton Hotel Costa Mesa, CA is an event anyone interested in healthy living won’t want to miss: Your Plant-Based Guide Conference. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, or just in general curious to learn more about plant-based living, this conference will be informative, fun, and full of tasty eats. Your Plant-Based guide conference will serve as an informative health and wellness conference as well as a mini veg fest with food samples from numerous vendors. At the conference, you’ll be able to learn about:

  • How to lower your cholesterol and blood pressure naturally and without medication

  • What to eat to ensure that you’re getting all of the nutrients your body needs to avoid dangerous and potentially life-threatening deficiencies.

  • Which healthy foods prevent you from absorbing the nutrients your body needs, and simple tweaks to combat this issue and prevent deficiencies.

  • How not to eat organic and still avoid toxins

  • How to prevent and reverse the most deadly and common diseases and autoimmune disorders

  • Why you may still be gaining weight and not feeling well even though you’re eating healthy and working out

  • What you need to know about GMOs and where they’re hiding in your food

  • How our air, land, water, and fellow citizens are impacted by global food choices

  • Which foods prevent disease, and which foods promote disease

  • And much more!


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On May 19-20th, I’ll be joining one-dozen leading nutritional and fitness experts including Dr. Joel Kahn, Dr. Michael Klaper, Dr. Brooke Goldner, Will Tucker, and Ocean Robbins at an incredible event in Costa Mesa, California.  The live and life-changing, two-day event will help you convene with like-minded people from around the country, get answers to your burning questions, and realize your healthiest dreams. You’ll get to meet and hear from world-renowned physicians and others who’ll share secrets to preventing and reversing disease, lasting and rapid weight-loss, and non-stop energy.  Click here to find out all about it and use the following discount code to save $50.00 on VIP and General Admission tickets: MOUSE Hurry, because this $50.00 savings ends April 30, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. PST!

Your Plant-Based Guide Conference in Costa Mesa, CA

P.S. Whether you’re interested in losing weight, building muscle with plants, or reclaiming your good health and energy, this conference will give you real solutions, from experts you can trust. Find out more here to sign up now!

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