Wallpaper Wednesday: Castle at Sunset

Wallpaper Wednesday: Castle at Sunset

It may be fall in Southern California, but we are still getting bombarded with heat! During hot periods like this, I enjoy going to Disneyland in the evening. It’s still warm, but it’s comfortable with a nice breeze! Not to mention the sunsets on these humid days are dazzling! On my most recent trip, I spent the whole time taking pictures with my daughter of characters; we meant Pluto (three times), Goofy, and Olaf. Our evening ended with exploring Sleeping Beauty castle, where I was able to get this picture of the castle at sunset. The hot evening sunset really brings out the warmth and soft pinks in the caslte, and accentuates its gold accents:

Wallpaper Wednesday: Castle at Sunset

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You can click the image above to download this shot of mine to use as your own free desktop wallpaper! To find more of my free Disney wallpapers, type in “wallpaper” in the search bar to the right.

What is your favorite time of day to visit the Disney Parks?

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