The Guide to Vegetarian Food at Disneyland

The Guide to Vegetarian Food at Disneyland


The complete guide to eating vegetarian at Disneyland - Vegetarian Disneyland food

I have been a vegetarian for almost a decade, and a Disneyland passholder during that time. This has helped me learn about the tasty vegetarian food at Disneyland Park! Here you can find vegetarian food options at Disneyland sorted by land, with each restaurant specified as table service or quick service. For vegetarian breakfast options at Disneyland, visit this post. Something to remember too, is that depending on the chef working at the particular restaurant at the time you go, they may be able to make something off-menu that’s vegan or vegetarian if you ask! (Vegan on-menu items listed in green)


Main Street USA

  • Carnation Cafe: This cute table service restaurant is a great place to people watch, and even see the parade!
    • Chef’s Vegan Burger – this is one of the best veggie burgers I’ve ever had, and it tastes great with the vegan chipotle mayo!
    • House Salad 
    • Spinach Salad (requested with no chicken)
    • Penne Pasta (requested with no shrimp)
  • Jolly Holiday: A quick service restaurant with a great view of parades, and band performances along Main Street:
    • Jolly Holiday combo: Tomato soup and grilled cheese
    • Caprese sandwich
    • Grilled vegetable and whole grain salad (ask for vegan dressing)
    • Jolly Holiday House Salad

  • Markethouse: AKA Starbucks in disguise!
    • Spinach feta wrap
    • Wide variety of pastries and fruit trays
  • Plaza Inn: A quick service, buffet-style restaurant. Mainly meat options, but you can get:
    • Pasta with marinara
    • House salad



  • Bengal BBQ: This quick service restaurant is a frequent go-to for vegetarians, since it’s cheap and healthy!
    • Outback Vegetable Skewer
    • Hummus trio with veggies
    • Tiger Tail breadstick
    • Bengal Rice plate (when you pick two veggie skewers with a side of Jasmine rice, ask for no slaw to make vegan)

Vegetable skewer at Bengal BBQ in Adventureland

  • Tiki Juice Bar: Because Dole Whips are a necessity!
  • Tropical Hideaway:
    • Assorted Dole whips
    • Spiced Vegetable bao
    • Ramen Shakey salad



  • Edelweiss Snacks – A snack stand where you can get regular or spicy corn on the cob.
  • Red Rose Taverne: A quick service, Beauty and the Beast themed restaurant
    • Enchanted Cauli-Flower Sandwich
    • Garden Mozzarella flatbread

  • Troubador Taverne:
    • Broccoli and cheese stuffed baked potato



  • Golden Horseshoe:
    • Pepper Jack Mac
  • Rancho del Zocalo: A quick-service restaurant with a view of Big Thunder Mountain, and lots of seating!
    • Red Chile Enchilada platter
    • Tostada salad without meat
    • Vegetable burrito
    • Cauliflower tacos
  • River Belle Terrace: A table service restaurant with a view of the Rivers of America
    • BBQ Tofu

Healthy Eating at Disneyland: Rancho del Zocalo


New Orleans Square

    • Blue Bayou: Table service restaurant, overlooking Pirates of the Caribbean
      • Golden Beet Salad
      • Vegetable Pasta
      • Off menu: Spaghetti and marinara
    • Cafe Orleans:
      • Three-Cheese monte cristo sandwich
      • Vegetable bolognese
    • French Market : A quick service restaurant that’s a great spot for people watching in New Orleans Square, and often has live bands play.
      • Corn Chowder (you can ask for it in a regular bowl instead of bread bowl for a lighter option).
      • New Orleans Salad with no bacon
    • Harbour Galley : A quick service restaurant with a view of the Haunted Mansion
      • Cheddar Broccoli soup
    • Royal Street Veranda: A quick-service stand with gumbo. Very minimal seating but the food is so good it’s worth it!
      • Vegetarian Gumbo

You thought Disneyland bread bowls were good before? Wait until you try THIS! — ? Calypso Caribbean Chicken Stew ? Royal Street Veranda and Harbour Galley // New Orleans Square – Disneyland ? $10.99 ✅ AP Discounts Accepted ⏳ Seasonal Item (Disney has been vague about how long this celebration will last so not sure if they’re currently available) ? WOW. Wow wow wow wow wow! We definitely were expecting to taste some good stuff this past weekend but didn’t think we’d get something THIS good ? This stew has Caribbean spiced chicken, carrots, onions, celery and potatoes. The menu said it was also meant to have yucca but we couldn’t find any in ours – or maybe we just gobbled it down before we noticed ? You guys…this is the most flavorful item we think we’ve ever had at the Disneyland resort ? It is SO spice-y, don’t think we’ve ever had anything at the resort with this much spice ? Everything was stewed perfectly, no crunch from the veggies at all ? just delicious stew-y goodness which of course goes fantastic with those bread bowls ? It seems like the stew was also topped with chimichurri but that’s just our guess since it wasn’t advertised on the item description. This is one item we do NOT want to see go away! This needs to be available all the time! And why shouldn’t it? Gotta have some pirate grub in the parks too ⚔ We HIGHLY recommend snagging this if you can. And if/when you do, be sure to come back and let us know your thoughts! — #foodies #food #foodgram #foodporn #foodiesunite #foodsofig #foodsofdisneyland #disneyfoodblog #abc7eyewitness #disneylandfood #disneyland #potc #piratesofthecaribbean #neworleanssquare #yum #amazing #delicious #stew #breadbowl #caribbeanchicken #mindblowing #?#? #? #?

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Critter Country

  • Hungry Bear:
    • Vegan Burger


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

  • Docking Bay 7:
    • Felucian Garden Spread 
  • Ronto Roasters:
    • Vegan Ronto-less Wrap



  • Galactic Grill – A quick service restaurant with a view of the Jedi Training Academy:
    • Veggie Wrap – This is filled with beans for protein, plenty of veggies, and feta cheese
  • Alien Pizza Planet: A quick service restaurant reminiscent of Pizza Planet. Fun, but often crowded!
    • Green alien pasta, request no bacon
    • Terra Nova Vegetable Pasta
    • Vegetable Forest Pizza
    • Mozz-114 Cheese Pizza
    • Satellite Salad
    • Garlon Bread

And of course, you can find lots of yummy and healthy vegetarian snack options at the fruit stands in Adventureland, Main Street, and Tomorrowland! You can check out more of my Disney healthy eating guides here.


Toon Town

  • Daisy’s Diner
    • Cheese pizza

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