Vegetarian Food 2018 Lunar New Year Disneyland Resort

Vegetarian Food 2018 Lunar New Year Disneyland Resort

The vegetarian food options at Disneyland Resort Lunar New Year 2018! Disney California Adventure Lunar New Year Food options

This year’s Lunar New Year Celebration at Disneyland Resort is my favorite by far! The food, crafts, Annual Passholder corner, entertainment, and character meet-and-greets are superb, and a wonderful way to have added magic to your Disney trip. Held at Disney California Adventure Park, the Lunar New Year Celebration runs along the pathway from Sonoma Wine Terrace to Paradise Garden Grill. Along the way, you can find merchandise exclusive to the 2018 Lunar New Year Celebration (I have my eye on an adorable snow globe), and food booths. The booths are the same Disney uses for the Food and Wine Festival, but with an array of only 3 booths, the food tasting options are less overwhelming and easier to try everything than when you attend a full on Disney food festival!

There’s a booth for Korean food, Vietnamese Food, Chinese Food, and then entree options at Paradise Garden Grill, plus a stand with a steamed pork bun and chewy almond cookies. If you’re a vegetarian like me, you can easily try all the options in one visit. Although there aren’t many vegetarian options, the offerings are some of the best vegetarian food I’ve had at a Disneyland Resort (I dare say perhaps even better than at the China EPCOT pavilion). Here’s a look at vegetarian food 2018 Lunar New Year Disneyland Resort:




  • Steamed Vegetable Dumplings: These come with a dipping sauce that adds extra savory flavor, but the dumplings are so good you can enjoy them without the sauce. When you bite into them, you can see they’re packed with veggies, and have a little bit of spice to them (but not too spicy, my toddler was able to eat them).
  • Kimchi Vegetable Fried Rice: Fried rice with veggies and fried egg. This tasted very savory and full-of-flavor, and was a favorite of my toddler. I quite enjoyed it, but wasn’t my favorite of the veggie options. Note that with this dish, it does contain fish sauce, which may make it a deal-breaker for some vegetarians.


China & Vietnam

No vegetarian appetizer options here (other than desserts), but do try that Vietnamese coffee! While not as strong as I would have liked, it still made for a tasty drink.


Snack Stand

Near the craft station for kids, there’s a stand with steamed pork buns and almond cookies! The almond cookies are chewy, and come in a little box with three cookies! We grabbed a box to keep my daughter busy with a snack while we waited to meet Pluto (who is dressed for Lunar New Year).



Paradise Garden Grill

  • Vegetable Japchae: Glass noodles with tofu and vegetables. I find a lot of noodle dishes have barely any veggies, but this one was packed with veggies, particularly broccolini (one of my faves!). This dish is perfect for people who are lovers of spicy food – it is VERY spicy!
  • Almond Milk Tea: This reminded me of boba, since there’s pudding at the bottom. I was pleasantly surprised that the pudding nor the drink were overly sweet, they were very mild yet delicious and refreshing. You can also add on to the purchase of an almond milk tea a floating glowing lotus flower!


The 2018 Lunar New Year Celebration at Disneyland Resort goes until February 18, 2018! You can check out The Healthy Mouse’s taste testing adventures in my highlighted Instagram story here!

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