The Toyota C-HR is the Perfect Compact Family Vehicle!

The Toyota C-HR is the Perfect Compact Family Vehicle!

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored but all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

If you have kids, often times it seems the clear choice for a car is something large. For me, I have found that having a compact vehicle is the best way to go for my family! Not only is a compact vehicle efficient in terms of gas cost, but I find it handy to also have something that’s easy to park (particularly living in a busy area like Los Angeles).

I just tried out the Toyota C-HR, and absolutely loved it! I drove it around for a few days with a car seat and my toddler, and I found that the inside of the vehicle felt quite roomy, and the drive very smooth (and the outside of the car is pretty cute and sleek, as well). I was very impressed with the interior and exterior. And upon looking at the Toyota C-HR’s web page, loved that it was available in so many color options!

Aside from the look and comfort of the vehicle, most importantly what makes the car great for families is its safety. The Toyota C-HR is equipped with Standard Toyota Safety Sense, which detects pedestrians and can warn of possible collisions. Definitely a plus for any driver, especially with little ones in the back seat! You can learn more about the Toyota C-HR by visiting their site here.

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