Teen Titans GO! To The Movies Review + Ticket Giveaway

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Movie Review (Spoiler-Free)

Against all odds, superhero movies are a fixture of modern cinema. It’s been ten years since the first film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which in many ways elevated the genre past the novelty. Now, every comic book hero with a single issue to their name is granted a franchise, each of them trying to be the next big title and try to break the monotony of a somewhat saturated market. The Dark Knight franchise famously sought to make a “real world” version of Batman. The Deadpool films presented the genre as a modern R-rated comedy. But as meta as even Deadpool could get, no film out-metas him more than Teen Titans Go! To The Movies.
While the characters are based on the DC comics supergroup, these heroes exist in an extra aware universe all their own, where their own existence in the movie is parodied. The characters are often confused for (arguably) more popular Marvel characters, music and scene elements from different franchises are routinely used with no explanation, and every superhero in the DC Comics catalog has a movie. Everyone, that is, except for Robin, former sidekick to Batman and current leader of the Teen Titans.
Desperate to prove themselves as more than a joke and worthy of having a respectable film like the other heroes (except Green Lantern; “We don’t talk about that movie,” he sadly admits), Robin leads the group on a quest to convince the number one superhero film producer to finally validate them. But first, they need an arch nemesis, which comes conveniently in the form of Slade, a masked super villain bent on world domination, naturally.
The film hilariously eschews the pretension normally found in the genre so that it can be a metaphor and parody of comic book films in general. It is light-hearted fun with plenty of smart jokes and a presence (though not a reliance) on baser, second-grade potty humor (I.e. fart jokes and several Titans celebrating the fact that they pooped in an no functioning, onstage toilet).
Its format allows for the film to take good-natured shots at its “big brother” franchises, referencing the infamous climax to Batman V. Superman, as well as cross the aisle to poke fun at Marvel movies (pay attention for the “super subtle” cameo). Breaking the fourth wall even more than Deadpool (who is repeatedly invoked due to Slade’s familiar appearance), the movie celebrates its inherent goofiness while commentating on itself, much like Warner Bros’ previous film The LEGO Movie.
The film’s ability to turn its own genre on its head in such spectacular fashion may just insure its place amongst the great comic book movies, even if the Teen Titans themselves never attain that goal. You can find Teen Titans GO! To the Movies games and activities, as well as tickets and showtimes by visiting teentitansgo-movie.com


Teen Titans GO! To the Movies Ticket Giveaway

To celebrate the release of Teen Titans GO! To the Movies, I am giving away a Fandango code good for two tickets (up to a $30 value) to see the movie in theaters! The giveaway runs Aug 9-Aug 12, 2018 midnight PST. Open to US residents only, must be 18 years or older to win. Use the form below to enter:

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