My Favorite Way of Giving This Season is With Sweetworxx

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

For Thanksgiving, I recently presented my friend Melanie with a “sweet surprise”, in honor of the season of being thankful! I wanted to show her how thankful I am for her friendship, by surprising her with a free car service. With more holidays around the corner, I wanted to continue to celebrate this wonderful season of giving. My friends over at Sweetworxx understand how important it is not to have to wait in a lobby for your car to be serviced; which takes away time from our families and our jobs. So instead, Sweetworxx picks your car up for you! For those in most areas of Orange County, they will pick up and drop off your car back to your home or workplace. How amazing is that? So they partnered up with me to give one of my dearest friends, Lacey, a free service on her car!

Me and Lacey!

Me and Lacey!

Lacey is one of the hardest working people I know, who is a full time mom and works hard at her job. She is also one of the most giving people I’ve met, so it was wonderful to get to treat her and have her receive this gift. With having a job and a toddler, I thought a car service would be a wonderful gift for her this holiday season. That way, she can have her car in tip top shape, working smooth and safely for her trips to work, and when she meets with me at Disneyland! As a fellow busy mom, I understand how difficult it can be waiting in lobbies of car repair places with a small child, so it is such a relief to not have to, now that Sweetworxx is in our area!


Sweetworxx is a breeze to use, too. With their app, you can pick and choose what you want done with your car, or just select basic check-ups. Then, you schedule a pick-up and drop-off location and time for your car. Sweetworxx‘s philosophy is that your car has to go to the repair place, not you! And with Sweetworxx’s amazing customer service and easy-to-use app, I know that I will always be on time in scheduling my car repairs and check-ups from now on! I’ll give you a quick step-by-step tutorial on how it’s done:

To schedule Lacey’s service, we selected the Basic Service Package.


Then, we picked the date, time, and place the car would be picked up and dropped off for service.



That’s it! How simple is that?

Sweetworxx wants to give to all my readers during this season, so are offering my readers a 25% discount off your ENTIRE Sweetworxx car service using code SWEETJES25. This offer is good through the end of 2016, so if you’re in Orange County, be sure to take advantage of this 25% off offer! And for even more great deals, be sure to follow Sweetworxx on Twitter and Facebook, as they often post some amazing surprise deals.

You can download the Sweetworxx app here, and use my special code to get your car ready for a new year!

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