Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season Now on Blu-Ray

Star Wars Rebels Blu-Ray. Star Wars Rebels The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-Ray and DVD!

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Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season Now on Blu-Ray

Over just the past few years, the Star Wars franchise has grown larger than ever before, now encompassing stories from all over its established galaxy and from several points in time. And now the time has come for one of the franchises most critically-acclaimed stories to come to its thrilling conclusion. You can now relive every moment from the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels, today on Blu-Ray and DVD!

The series as a whole takes place during a time between the films Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. While Darth Vader and the Empire are forcing peaceful planets under their tyrannical rule and hunting down the few remaining Jedi Knights, small uprisings are growing against the evil military power. One particular group is the crew of The Ghost, and while they may start the series as a small, isolated group of anti-Empire pirates, they soon grow into best chance the Rebel Alliance has in defeating the Empire’s strongest powers. Over the years, the Ghost crew, along with crew members and two of the last remaining Jedi Kanan and Ezra, have come across some legendary foes, from Sith-trained Inquisitors to the deadly former Dark Lord Maul. But now, they will have to use all their strength as they face off against the brilliant and cruel Grand Admiral Thrawn.

The series has been a huge hit to fans of the films in general and fans of it’s preceding series The Clone Wars in particular. Filling in gaps of history, bridging the mythology, and inserting Easter Eggs, Rebels has become one of the most entertaining stories to come from the overall saga. And while, cameos from Darth Vader and Princess Leia do occur every now and again, its vital to note that the series runs on its wonderful original characters, while also taking liberties to pay tribute to characters within the so-called Star Wars Legends mythology (those being stories taken from the non-canonical novels), such as the very popular inclusion of Thrawn to the canonical Star Wars universe, the “resurrection” of Darth Maul (whose presence may or may not be felt in future theatrical releases), and even in the name of a child featured in the final episode.


What You Can Find on the Blu-Ray

The Blu-Ray boasts over six hours of content, with great audio commentaries on six of the episodes, not to mention several extra features that are exclusive to the Blu-Ray release. Featurettes on the amazing musical score and retrospective focuses on the tangled storylines of the Ghost crew are just some of the highlights. One of my favorite features, however, is the Force of Rebellion, in which Executive Producer Dave Filoni (who also served as executive producer on The Clone Wars) shares his thoughts and insights on the mysterious presence of the Force in the series, and how it affects each character differently.

Star Wars Rebels Blu-Ray. Star Wars Rebels The Complete Fourth Season on Blu-Ray and DVD!

Complete List of Blu-Ray Bonus Features:

  • Six Audio Commentaries (Featuring Dave Filoni (Executive Producer)
  • Ghosts of Legend: As paths come together, we explore the journey of the Ghost crew with some of the talented people who brought them to life.
  • Force of Rebellion: Executive Producer Dave Filoni shares insights into the Force and its importance across the Star Wars saga.
  • Kevin Kiner: The Rebel Symphony: Go behind the scenes with composer Kevin Kiner to discover what inspired some of the most iconic music in the series.
  • Rebels Recon: Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew in 8 entertaining and information-packed episode recaps!

On the DVD of Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season, you can find the Rebels Recon bonus feature.

While the saga of Star Wars: Rebels may have come to an end, it may not be the last we see of the Ghost crew, and it certainly will not be the last of the mega-franchise as Star Wars: Episode IX and the new series Star Wars: Resistance will be coming soon. But for those who can’t wait that long, you have plenty to enjoy in every aspect of Star Wars Rebels: The Complete Fourth Season, now on Blu Ray!

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