Splitsville Anaheim – The Luxury Lane and Dining Experience!

Splitsville Anaheim

Disclosure: My visit to Splitsville Anaheim was hosted, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Splitsville Anaheim – The Luxury Lane Experience!

Fairly recently, Downtown Disney at Disneyland Resort opened up a new luxury bowling experience: Splitsville! Being a connoisseur of all things family entertainment I was eager to check out Splitsville Luxury Lane bowling experience with my husband and daughter. Even before entering, you can tell just from the front that Splitsville has a fun, chic retro vibe:

When you enter, there’s two lines, one for if you’re dining + bowling, and one if you’re just dining. I was thrilled to see you can go to Splitsville even if you just want to have a table service meal and grab a drink, especially with the upcoming busy summer months it will be nice to have more eating options at Disneyland Resort (especially for us vegetarians, but more on that later…). We got set up with bowling shoes, and in our lane! What I loved about how the lanes were set up were that there were only a couple lanes and tables side-by-side, so that you felt like you were having a private bowling experience with your party. Plus, all the lanes had a fun retro California theme.

Many of the bowling balls had Mickey and Minnie Mouse on them – talk about a Disney geek’s bowling dream! It was my daughter’s first time bowling, and she was beyond excited to get to bowl with a Mickey Mouse ball.

Splitsville Anaheim

Splitsville Luxury Lanes were even kind enough to give us a bowling ramp for my 3-year-old to easily bowl. You just place the ramp on the lane, and they push their ball down! You can even request that they program the gutter bumpers to go up only when it’s specific players’ turns.


Dining at Splitsville Anaheim

Now lets talk about one of my favorite topics: FOOD! This is not your typical greasy bowling alley food. This menu had some serious gourmet items, with a type of food for any kind of mood (sushi, pizza, protein bowls, etc). You can see the menus below, but have also outlined the vegetarian and gluten-free items in a list below for your convenience:


Vegetarian Dining at Splitsville:

  • Appetizers:
    • Spicy Edamame (also Gluten-Free)
    • French Fries
    • Loaded Fries (ordered without bacon)
    • Macho Nachos (ordered without beef)
  • Handhelds:
    • Veggie Burger (this black bean burger with avocado and fried green tomato was one of my favorites)
  • Entrees & Salads:
    • Spicy Veggie Bowl (also Gluten-free, this was my favorite menu item)
    • Southern Goddess (ordered without chicken tenders)
  • Pizza:
    • Veggie pizza (my husband’s top pick)
    • Cheese pizza
    • Margherita pizza


Gluten-Free Dining at Splitsville:

  • Appetizers:
    • Spicy edamame
  • Entrees & Salads:
    • Grilled salmon with mango chutney
    • Spicy Veggie Bowl
    • Chicken chopped salad
    • Ahi tuna salad
  • Sushi:
    • Spicy tuna
    • Cucumber Kani Su
    • Fantasy roll


Splitsville Anaheim

Left: Veggie pizza, Middle: Spicy Veggie Bowl, Right: Veggie burger

Splitsville Anaheim

Spicy Veggie Bowl: Vegetarian + Gluten-Free

Splitsville Anaheim

Wheat crust veggie pizza

Also to top off your dining experience, you can order a select drinks in a souvenir Splitsville cup!

Splitsville Anaheim

It was certainly an afternoon to remember, and I can’t recommend Splitsville Anaheim enough, whether you’re a tourist or a local it’s the perfect way to add more magic to your trip to Disneyland Resort.

Splitsville Anaheim, the luxury lane and dining experience at Disneyland Resort Downtown Disney District. A look at menus, what's gluten-free + vegetarian!

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