The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift is Seeing “Snatched” in Theaters: Movie Review + Cast Interviews

Snatched Movie Review

Disclosure: The Snatched press junket was hosted by 20th Century Fox.

Snatched follows mother and daughter Linda (Goldie Hawn) and Emily (Amy Schumer), as a vacation to exotic South America goes horribly wrong, forcing them to work through their differences and make their way through a harrowing adventure. But don’t be dissuaded by two female leads; this film doesn’t follow the typical chick flick structure. The film is in fact relatable to everyone, men and women, parents and children, since the film focuses on the relationships with have with our parents (and children) as we get older. The humor, at times, becomes very dark, which I love. You typically don’t find comedies written by and starring women to delve into this territory, breaking the comedy mold. Hawn and Schumer have amazing chemistry in each scene, portraying a very relatable mother-daughter relationship, leading to many spot on comedic moments and making the emotional moments feel so much more real. This is definitely a film that will make you laugh so hard your abs hurt, all the while making you feel closer to your mom by the end of the film! You can find tickets for Snatched at SnatchedMovieTickets.com


Interviews With the Cast & Creators

Interview with Goldie Hawn and Amy Schumer

It has been fifteen years since Goldie Hawn was in a feature film, so all of us attending the interviews were curious of how Amy Schumer brought Hawn on board for Snatched:

Amy Schumer: I read the script and just pictured it with the two of us the whole time.  And then I saw her on a plane, and in the airport, I went up after the flight and I just said, I love you, like everyone else, and I’m a comic actress, and there’s this movie, and I really want you to play my mom.  And so, I wanted to just kind of plant the seed. 

Goldie Hawn gives some great pieces of wisdom on motherhood, and how her own experiences influenced the creation and journey of her character:

Goldie Hawn: …When your daughter leaves, you feel weak, and like you are aging.  And it says a lot of things about you losing your youth and your vitality because you have to pass the baton to your daughter. And that’s a very sometimes unconscious reason; why do I feel depressed, why do I not feel happy, why do I not feel sexual, why am I sad, why do I cry for no reason?  These are the kind of things that women need to know.

So, in this particular movie, I think that this mother is someone who felt those things, and I think she misses her daughter.  But, her life isn’t full the way women’s lives are full.  She gave that up.  Her husband left her for a younger woman. So, when you look at that, that’s where I brought my creation of this character from.  She came from somebody who basically stayed much, much more closed in order not to feel the pain, not to feel rejection, not to feel–and with that comes fear.

So, mother/daughter relationships have huge implications of who are you, how have you lost your power, how do you regain your power.  You don’t regain it by telling your kids what to do, and you don’t regain it by putting sun guard on them.  You regain it becoming a friend and a person that you can talk to and share with and be intimate with and sometimes tell things you don’t want to tell anybody else.  So, that’s trust. So, I think it’s our job to allow our children to breathe, and then they come back.

Hearing about Hawn’s motivation behind her character just gives you a taste of how this film, although hilarious and filled with outrageous situations, still feels very real.


Interview with Ike Barinholtz, Wanda Sykes, and Christopher Meloni

Myself along with my other fellow bloggers were also able to interview cast members Ike Barinholtz who plays Jeffrey (Schumer’s brother/Hawn’s son), Wanda Sykes who is the eccentric vacationer Ruth, and Chistopher Meloni as Roger Simmons, a former Trader Joe’s store manager turned Amazon adventurer.  All of us bloggers were curious to know, what attracted the actors to this script?

Wanda Sykes: Well, when you say Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn, you go, “I can work with this.”

Ike Barinholtz: Well, the original draft was written by an amazing writer named Katie Dippold, who’s a dear friend.  And I remember her telling me about the premise years ago, and I thought that is a great movie, like a mom and daughter, it makes sense on an adventure.  So, I was already interested in it.  And then when I heard it was Amy and Goldie, I was like aggressively telling my people I would like to come aboard.

Christopher Meloni: I had the same experience and I realized that what went through my mind was this – I got the thumbnail sketch of what it’s about.  I went, oh, that’s good, that’s a needed thing in the marketplace.  And then I know the players, Amy and Goldie, like that’d be cool.  Goldie – everyone’s waiting for Goldie, right?


Interview with Paul Feig & Jonathon Levine

Next, we interviewed Snatched director Jonathon Levine, as well as producer Paul Feig, who also has produced many other female-centric comedies such as Bridesmaids and Ghostbusters. Feig and Levine shared with us how Schumer and Hawn’s comedic talents helped make the film what it is:

Paul Feig: You see a lot of movies and finding that kind of chemistry between two actors [Schumer and Hawn] is almost impossible.  And when they did a little screen test of them together, because I hear it.  It’s like, oh, I hope it’ll be good.  Then you see it… literally, everybody even from the studio on down were just like, all right, go and make something great.

Jonathon Levine: And now that the movie’s coming out, and you just also recognize that we’ve tapped into this love of Goldie that people just haven’t experienced and haven’t been able to see for a very long time.  So, it’s exciting to be able to do that and to have her be great, and not just great like through the lens of nostalgia… but great like in the moment great.  It’s just really, really such a special thing that I didn’t know it was going to happen.  Amy did.


In Theatres Mother’s Day Weekend

Snatched opens in theaters May 12th, just in time for Mother’s Day! So bring your mom or your daughter along, and get ready for a hilarious and wild adventure! You can learn more about the film by visiting the Snatched official site. Tickets are now on sale at SnatchedMovieTickets.com



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