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As a fan of the Beverly Hills Chihuahua movies, I was super excited to get the invite to be able to see Show Dogs (who has the same director Raja Gosnell as Beverly Hills Chihuahua), as well as attend the press conference panel who included Will Arnett, Natasha Lyonne, and Gabriel Iglesias (aka Fluffy).


Show Dogs Breeds a New, Fun Take On the Buddy-Cop Genre

The action-comedy genre has always been a tough film to make, let alone one that’s fit for the whole family. Juggling humor with action is complicated and even adults can get bored if it’s too uneven, let alone small children. The mystery may be solved, however, if you add some talking dogs to it. Show Dogs breeds a new version of the action-comedy movie, adding levity and heart to each scene and stays away from becoming boring or stale.

The film follows Max (voiced by rapper Chris “Ludacris” Bridges), a Rottweiler in the NYPD K-9 unit, who has to push aside his “no-partner” attitude when he’s forced to team up with (human) FBI agent Frank Mosley (played by Will Arnett) to catch the smugglers of a baby panda. Sparks fly between the unlikely duo, but they have to put their differences aside as they track the smuggler to a prestigious dog show in Las Vegas. Max has to go deep undercover and try to blend into the glamorous world of show dogs in order to save the baby panda. Along the way, he gets help in a makeshift team comprised of former show dog Philippe (voiced by Stanley Tucci) and an excitable fan (voiced by Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias). Frank, in the meantime, must overcome his own reluctance to a partner with the help of professional groomer Mattie (played by Natasha Lyonne).


The film is top-to-bottom fun, playing with all the buddy-cop, action-movie tropes they can muster for a “talking dog movie.” Max gets his share of fight scenes with plenty of slow motion shots. The film often takes time to poke fun at itself with a lot of meta jokes for the audience. Arnett’s Frank directly references The Lego Movie (starring Arnett), to which Max replies to the camera, “This is ludicrous.” There is even a fun cameo by Chloe and Papi, the stars from director Raja Gosnell’s previous animal movie Beverly Hills Chihuahua. The movie thankfully has enough slapstick and fun visuals to keep even the smallest audience members enthralled.

Show Dogs is an incredibly fun romp in the vein of the talking animal films that came before it. It packs enough excitement for adults and more than enough cute animal comedy for the kids. Throughout the whole film, my 3-year-old daughter was laughing more than I had ever heard her laugh during a film before! Immediately upon seeing the film she was already asking to see it again!


Show Dogs – Interviews with the Cast

In the interview panel with Arnett, Lyonne, and Iglesias, they talked about how they had an incredible time working with the stars of the film (aka the amazing dogs of Show Dogs). “It’s rare to work on something where your coworkers are so happy to see you!” Will Arnett joked. The scenes where he got to work with the dogs were definitely his favorites.

The bloggers asked a fun question for the cast of Show Dogs, if you could be any kind of dog, what would you be?

Will Arnett: He would choose to be some sort of a “dumb old lab”, since they’re just around to have fun and enjoy the journey. They’re not result oriented, and hang around looking for scraps.

Natasha Lyonne: She would love to be a doberman, since they always look sleek and stylish!

Gabriel Iglesias: He would pick to be a chihuahua (same as the dog he owns). He would want to find an owner that would take him everywhere and give him treats whenever he wanted!

It was a great afternoon of Show Dogs fun! I can’t wait to take my daughter to see it again once it’s out in theaters May 18th.

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