runDisney Virtual 5K Series Playlists

runDisney virtual 5K Summer 2020 medals

runDisney Virtual 5K Series Playlists

As of today, registration is now open for the runDisney Virtual 5K series for summer 2020! I am especially excited for this virtual series since it’s theme is Disney Parks attractions. 

What is a Virtual 5K?

The runDisney Virtual 5K means you can complete your running anywhere! In fact, you don’t even have to run, you can even walk. So whether you want to run outside, on a treadmill, or go on a walk with your dog you can complete the 5K. With the virtual runDisney series, you will receive your medals closer to the completion date (no logging your time necessary unless you want to  print a race bib with your time, the medals will be sent to anyone who pays for registration.

How to Register, Submitting Your Time, Dates and More Info

To register, visit runDisney.com. There are three virtual 5Ks, each with a different themed Disney Parks medal. Or you sign up for the bundle of all three and receive a bonus fourth medal. Currently, the individual races (usually $40) and the bundle ($145) are sold out at this time. I went with the bundle since the bonus medal is my favorite:

runDisney virtual 5K Summer 2020 medals

Photo credit: Disney

The individual medals are the Mad Tea Party, Space Mountain, and Haunted Mansion medals. If you do the bundle, you will receive all three of these plus the bonus challenge medal that looks like the vintage Disneyland ticket books. The dates to complete the 5K’s are between April 16 through August 31st. I wanted to answer some frequently asked questions I get about the runDisney virtual 5K’s:

How Do I Submit My Time? I by far get this question the most! The answer is: you don’t! If you want to download the Finisher’s Certificate and put your time on there you can as a keepsake, but you do not need to submit a proof of time. You receive the medals for the races you registered for automatically sometime closer to the end of the virtual series (August 31st).

Do I have to do one 5K a month or can I do them closer together? You can finish the 5K’s anytime throughout the time period at your own pace!

Where do I find the link to download the race bibs: Find it under “Latest Updates” on the Virtual 5K homepage here.

Where do I find the link to download and print the Finisher’s Certificate: You can find a PDF link for each individual race here.

Where do I download mile markers and start & finish signs: You can download and print mile markers and start & finish signs themed to each of the three 5K’s here.


There’s nothing that pumps you up for running or walking a 5K like a great playlist! I put together three playlists on Spotify, one themed to each of the three 5K themes. You can click the link to the playlist then add to your list of favorite Spotify playlists to easily access later! Each playlist starts with a slower paced song for a warm-up, then amps up! 

Mad Tea Party

You can find my Mad Tea Party 5K inspired playlist on Spotify here. It’s a combination of Alice in Wonderland inspired songs, or just songs that felt reminiscent of Wonderland/Fantasyland. 


Space Mountain

The Space Mountain playlist is available here on Spotify. It’s a mix of the actual attraction soundtrack, Tomorrowland inspired and futuristic pop songs. 


Haunted Mansion

The Haunted Mansion 5K playlist is available here. It is a combination of spooky pop songs and Haunted Mansion inspired songs. 


I hope you find these playlists helpful when you do your runDisney 5K’s! I will be adding more songs once I find one I feel is a good fit, and feel free to let me know on Twitter if you have any you would like to see added!

runDisney virtual 5K Summer 2020 medals

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