Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray & Bonus Features

Disclosure: I received a review copy complimentary, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray & Bonus Features

Walt Disney Animation Studio’s Ralph Breaks the Internet is now on Digital and Blu-ray! To celebrate its release, I’m giving away a copy of the Blu-ray (at the bottom of this post). But first, I wanted to share a little about Ralph Breaks the Internet and what you can find for its bonus features (spoiler, there’s a lot of amazing ones!).


About Ralph Breaks the Internet

Picking up six years after Wreck-It Ralph, life is pretty good for video game bad guy Ralph, although a bit monotonous for his best friend and Sugar Rush racer Vanellope Von Schweetz. When an attempt to liven up her daily routine leads to Sugar Rush breaking and facing an almost certain unplugging, Ralph makes it his mission to find the part needed to fix the video game and bring their lives back to normal. And the only place to find the part happens to be the mysterious Internet! Ralph and Vanellope then embark on an epic journey into the infinite technological utopia of the Internet, in search of the missing part and the money to pay for it. Along the way, they see the highs and the lows of the World Wide Web, from the flashy BuzzTube algorithm Yesss to the criminal virus-dealer Double Dan in the “Dark Net.” Vanellope then has to make the decision of whether or not she belongs back in Sugar Rush or the crazed, violent Internet racing game Slaughter Race, and Ralph evaluates what he’s prepared to do to keep his best friend from leaving him and the arcade.

It is often difficult for sequels to live up to the first film, but Ralph Breaks the Internet is definitely as good as Wreck-it-Ralph (I think it might actually be better!). The sequel, although we are revisiting characters, is incredibly fresh, unique, and full of fun and emotions. For a look at the making-of Ralph Breaks the Internet, visit my post where I interview the creators here.


The Ralph Breaks the Internet Bonus Features

When you purchase the digital or Blu-ray you will also get to enjoy the amazing and extensive Ralph Breaks the Internet bonus features. I always enjoy bonus features that take really deep dives into the details of creating a film, and these bonus features does that very well, to help satisfy any Disney Animation nerd like myself:

  • How We Broke the Internet: A behind-the-scenes in-depth look of how filmmakers brought the internet to life, and what went into developing the new characters of the film.
  • Surfing for Easter Eggs
  • The Music of Ralph Breaks the Internet: A look at the music of the film, with appearances by Imagine Dragons, Julia Michaels, Alan Menken, Sarah Silverman and more.
  • Deleted Scenes
  • BuzzzTube Cats: A look at the fun animated cat videos animators made for the world of BuzzzTube.
  • Music Videos: “Zero” by Imagine Dragons and “In This Place” by Julia Michaels
  • Digital Exclusive:
    • Baby Drivers- Slaughter Racing School: A look at how the artists behind Ralph Breaks the Internet researched by going to race car driving school.


Ralph Breaks the Internet Blu-ray plus giveaway!

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