Rainy Day Activities – Favorite Amazon Prime Disney Items on a Rainy Day

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Rainy Day Activities – Favorite Amazon Prime Disney Items on a Rainy Day

With the rainy season here throughout the U.S., it means more time for ways to have fun indoors! I know for myself, I always like to look for ways to create a little Disney magic at home. With the rain hitting hard, I went to Amazon to see what items I could find to keep my family busy on a rainy day, while infusing a little Disney magic!


Tsum Tsum Mancala

I just stumbled across this on Amazon Prime while searching for Tsum Tsum items. HOW CUTE IS IT? A perfectly adorable and Disney rainy day game! You can find it here.


Indoor Tent With Twinkle Lights

How magical would it be to set up this indoor tent complete with twinkle lights inside your house, then fill it with cozy pillows and blankets while reading Disney books? You can find it here.


Bake a Cake!

My daughter loves watching “Nailed It!”, and I know it’s a favorite among other kids as well! Whether you’re an avid or amateur baker, it’s always fun to try your hand at baking and decorating a cake! Wilton makes this adorable Mickey-shaped cake pan.


Disney Codenames

If you’re a major Disney fan, Disney Codenames is a fun and challenging game to play! It’s perfect if you have preteens and older who are Disney fans. My husband and I love playing this with our fellow Disney fan friends! You can find it here.


Disneyland Adventures XBox Game

If you have an XBox, Disneyland Adventures is a game every Disney fan needs to own! On days where it’s too rainy to make the far drive to the parks, we love walking through the virtual version of Disneyland, and doing the different games (each featured after rides in Disneyland). You can find it here.


Coloring Books!

I love adult coloring books, since they are stimulating to not just adults but also kids can enjoy them as well! At least for my daughter, who will color anything and doesn’t mind if she is outside the lines! My current favorite is this Disney Animals one. You can find it here.


Disney Cookbooks

On a rainy day, cook something new! All the more fun if it’s a recipe that’s Disney inspired! My daughter loves making things out of this Disney Princess Cookbook! You can find it here.


Build a Castle!

Okay, so I know this is a pretty big item, but if you live somewhere like Washington or Oregon where it rains a LOT, or if you’re snowed in this winter, this would be the perfect thing to have Disney magic + family fun for days (or maybe weeks)! I’ve always wanted to build it! You can find it here.


Brush Up On Disney History

This one is more for the adult Disney fan who is looking for something to do on a rainy day! If you’re a Disney history nerd like me, I highly recommend this book called Yesterday’s Tomorrow: Disney’s Magical Mid Century. It’s not only a beautiful coffee table book, but has some great Disney history in it! You can find it here.


Keep the Ideas Coming! 

And of course, the ultimate rainy day item, the Disney Ideas Book, filled with Disney-inspired arts and crafts ideas, to keep the rainy day creativity flowing! You can find it here.


There you have it! Some of my favorite picks of Disney things on a rainy day when you want some Disney magic indoors!

My guide to Disney items on Amazon Prime that will provide magical rainy day activities! These will instantly add pixie dust to a rainy day.

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