We Just Got a Purple Mattress – A Review of Our Experience

Disclosure: I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.

We Just Got a Purple Mattress – A Review of Our Experience

My husband and I have been together for eleven years, so it was kind of surprising when we realized we had never had a new mattress. Always hand-me-downs from families, and always spring mattresses. We both would always have back pain, but just assumed it was due to us being on computers for a good chunk of our jobs. When our four-year-old began her phase of being scared to sleep in her own room (which began about nine months ago), it really motivated us to want to get a new mattress. We wanted to upgrade from our queen to go to a king for more space.

We received the Original Purple mattress in king, which I heard great things about from friends who have Purple. It came to our door wrapped up and in a long tube bag (it kind of looked like a large purple duffle bag). It is able to be rolled up for easy delivery since it does not have any springs, it instead uses Purple grid technology (more on that later).

Once unwrapped and unrolled, I eagerly awaited my first night’s sleep on my first brand new mattress of my own! I couldn’t wait to have so much room to sleep on a king. From the first moment I laid down, I was in awe of the difference from my first mattress. Having slept on a spring mattress for nearly 30 years, I never really knew any different. The Purple mattress is different from typical bed-in-a-box mattresses, since it has no memory foam. It instead has Purple grid technology (in the mattress bag it comes with a piece of the rubber Purple grid that’s inside the mattress, so you can see how soft and flexible it is)!

I am someone who doesn’t have one sleep position. Sometimes I sleep on my side, sometimes my stomach. This mattress is soft and flexible enough that it flexes and molds to my body no matter what position I sleep in, yet is firm enough where I feel support. Which is also great, since I love doing writing on my laptop sitting up in bed, and so it feels comfortable doing that with its mix of support, comfort and flexibility.

After the first night sleeping on it, I noticed I had no back pain! It was truly the first night I could remember that I woke up not feeling like I had an aching back. For months I had been dreaming of a new mattress because I wanted more room to sleep, but little did I realize that while the extra room is fantastic, I really needed a mattress that wasn’t filled with springs! Now that I’ve been sleeping on it for a little over a week, I have been continued to be impressed with Purple and the incredibly comfortable night’s sleep the Original Purple Mattress has been giving me! It’s so comfy, I’ve been more inclined to do my writing in the bed versus the couch, and my daughter has been enjoying spending time with me there too for breakfasts in beds and tea parties!

You can find the Original Purple mattress I’ve been sleeping on here. And for more tips on parents getting good sleep, you can visit Purple’s blog page here.

An honest review of Purple mattress #Ad

An honest review of Purple mattress #Ad

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