A Goofy Movie Inspired Possum Park Finger Puppets

A Goofy Movie Possum Park inspired finger puppets!

A Goofy Movie Possum Park inspired finger puppets!

I’m a sucker for anything ’90’s nostalgia. Especially when it’s Disney ’90’s nostalgia! I recently went to go re-live my childhood by seeing A Goofy Movie at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. When the memorable Possum Park scene came on, I immediately was inspired to make a finger puppet craft inspired by the iconic scene! These finger puppets are no-sew, and super simple to make (and adorable):



  • Felt: 1 sheet of grey, 1 sheet of brown, 1 sheet of off white, dark pink felt, green felt, blue felt, gold, and black felt
  • Sharpie or fabric marker
  • Elastic
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Free printable template



  1. Print and cut out the pieces from this free printable template.
  2. Cut out the possums’ bodies from grey felt, noses from brown felt, and teeth from off white felt.
  3. Cut out Lester’s hat from gold felt, and his bandanna from green felt.
  4. Cut out Buford’s outfit from blue, and his hat from green felt.
  5. Cut out Beulah’s dress from pink felt, and hat from gold felt.
  6. Cut out Mordecai’s hat from black felt, and his burrow from brown and black felt.
  7. Hot glue all your pieces together.
  8. Place a strap of elastic behind each piece to create a band your finger can slip through.


This craft is not only fan and nostalgic, but is very budget-friendly to make, and perfect for any ’90’s Disney kid at heart!

A Goofy Movie Possum Park inspired finger puppets!

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