7 Steps to Throwing the Perfect Mickey Themed Halloween Party

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7 Steps to Throwing the Perfect Mickey Themed Halloween Party

Since my toddler is such a big fan of Halloween time, I wanted to throw a Halloween party for her and her toddler friends! I wanted to incorporate lots of yummy (and healthy) Crunch Pak apple goodies, since October is also National Apple Month. One thing that Crunch Pak makes that my daughter loves are Foodles, which are Mickey Mouse-shaped plates with different Mickey and Friends characters on the front, and are filled with a variety of tasty finger foods, such as apples, carrots, grapes, cheese, and pretzels! Foodles served as the main inspiration of my Mickey themed Halloween party for my daughter and her friends! Here are the seven steps to creating your own perfect and easy Halloween party, that you can fellow to replicate what I did at home!:


Step 1. Party Decor

You of course need Halloween party decor, but you don’t have to have a huge budget for a great party! I went to my local fabric store and found a purple polka dot fabric. Any purple or other Halloween-themed tablecloth or fabric will do. Just cut and hem for the size you need! I also recommend setting up your party on a low table, my toddler table worked out perfectly so the kids could easily enjoy everything at their leisure.

Besides a tablecloth, all you really need is a centerpiece and you’re set! I got a standard size pumpkin and drew a Mickey jack-o-lantern shape with sharpie. Then, I used two smaller pumpkins for the ears, attaching them using three wooden skewers on each side. The food will be the main attraction, so less is more with decor.


Step 2. The Perfect Fall Beverage

Since it’s national apple month, I served 100% apple juice in pumpkin cups (with a lid of course, since kids tend to spill). It also served as a fun little re-usable favor that the kids could take home! Getting toddler cups with a cute design is a great way to not only provide a take home gift to your guests, but also doubles as added decor.


Step 3. The Perfect Craft

At the end of the party, I planned for the kids to fill up their trick-or-treat bags with small goodies I provided. I thought what better way to gear up for the end of party treat than by decorating your own goodie bag? And any mom of a toddler can tell you, one of kids’ favorite things to play with are stickers! I set up pumpkin trick-or-treat bags, and plenty of sheets of stickers that the kids used to customize their bag, and to place on their shirt. Simple, low cost, and no need to worry about a craft with mess!


Step 4. A Halloween Game

I constructed a Mickey Mouse-themed Halloween game by hot gluing a large piece of black felt on a wooden dowel, then tying string to the dowel to hang on the wall. Using this template (click to download and print), I cut out pieces for a Mickey-shaped pumpkin, and pieces for a Mickey jack-o-lantern face to cut out of orange and yellow felt. The kids were able to assemble the felt pieces to look like a traditional Mickey felt pumpkin, or they could play around and make their own creation with the felt pieces! My daughter had so much fun playing with it, so will be something I think we will hang up every Halloween time!


Step 5. The Perfect Fall Dessert

To go with the National Apple Month theme, I used Crunch Pak’s green apple rings. These are pre-cut cored apple rings, perfect for topping. I spread natural peanut butter and dark chocolate chips on top for a simple and healthy dessert. And let me tell you, the kids and parents loved them!


Step 6. Trick-Or-Treat Bags

What’s a Halloween party without trick-or-treat bags? The kids lined up with their customized bags to leave with parting gifts: Slime, a Halloween maze game, Halloween bouncy balls, and an individual-sized bag of pre-sliced Crunch Pak apples. A healthy treat and some simple games and small toys made for perfect party favors!


Step 7. The Perfect Party Food

Lastly, probably the most important component of creating your own Halloween party, is tasty food! For a Mickey themed Halloween party, the perfect food is of course: Crunch Pak Foodles! Not only because kids love the Mickey shape and Mickey-themed packaging, but they look really adorable on a party spread, without the prep of having to cut and prepare food to set up at a party. Also, so often at kids parties parents have to dish up all their children’s food for them, and then you have to worry about paper plates spilling. With Foodles, you can just grab a package and it already has a variety of healthy and tasty foods your kids will enjoy, in a sturdy Mickey plate that’s easier for little kids to eat from since the compartments are deep. My daughter gets so excited to eat healthy foods when it’s from a Foodles!


So there you have it, 7 steps to throwing the perfect Halloween party, that’s also affordable and simple! You can learn more about Crunch Pak and Foodles by clicking here.

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