An Itinerary For Taking a Day Trip to Palm Springs!

Palm Springs day trip itinerary

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One of my favorite parts about living in Southern California is the ability to easily take day trips to various locations! There’s pretty much a place to visit for whatever type of scenery or activity you want to do within a couple hours of driving. One of my favorite day trip locations that my family and I visit time and time again? Palm Springs!

Palm Springs day trip itinerary

It’s no surprise that Palm Springs has been a favorite location for vacations of celebrities for decades…the desert mountains are enchanting, especially when the sun sets over them, turning them a pinkish orange in the background of palm tree-lined streets. Add in the distinct mid-century modern aesthetic Palm Springs, CA is known for, as well as the delicious cocktail and food scene, the dog friendly businesses, and of course the shopping!

Something that really stands out to me when strolling through the streets of downtown Palm Springs is the thriving small business scene. It’s refreshing to see such an eclectic city still valuing and supporting small businesses. It’s so fun to make the hour and a half drive from Los Angeles to explore shops that are one-of-a-kind, and support the thriving locally owned restaurants and stores unique to Palm Springs. Recently, my family and I made one of our day trips to this enchanting city in the desert. Although we only had six hours, we had such a memorable and full day! If you’re looking to have a day trip of your own, you can check out our Palm Springs day trip itinerary below for ideas on where to begin!


Palm Springs Day Trip Itinerary

Grab a cup of coffee!

A day must always start with coffee! My favorite locally owned coffee shop in Palm Springs is Koffi. There are a few locations, but I love the one referred to as “The Corridor”, which is located at 515 N Palm Canyon Dr. in Palm Springs. This location is in a building amongst other small shops, so you can grab your coffee while also look at a few shops while you’re there.

Palm Springs day trip itinerary

The main draw for me? The somewhat hidden outdoor eating area in the courtyard area of the shopping center that often has a live violinist playing, various statues, and of course views of palm trees and desert mountains. Not to mention, they have some great pastries, as well as healthy grab-and-go lunch items, and make an AMAZING iced Americano!

Palm Springs day trip itinerary
Courtyard by Koffi – The Corridor location


Shop local businesses

Right next to Koffi is a great locally owned shop called Just Fabulous, which has a wide variety of gifts and books. It’s mainly known for boasting a wide variety of coffee table books, art books, and books about Palm Springs. You can also find great novelty gifts, cocktail glasses, and a room with children’s books (how great is the A is for Atom book I found?). This is always one of our favorite places to shop when visiting, and really encompasses the spirit of Palm Springs all in one shop.

Palm Springs day trip itinerary
Books at Just Fabulous
Children’s book section at Just Fabulous
Christmas tree with ornaments for sale at Just Fabulous
Mod-style gifts at Just Fabulous

Another locally-owned Palm Springs shop we always need to stop by since it’s my daughter’s favorite is Mr. G’s For Kids located at 180 N. Palm Canyon Drive. It is a MASSIVE toy story any kid could spend a an hour or more in! It has tons of plush animals, games, puzzles, cars, dolls, LEGOs, as well as gifts for the home.

My daughter was particularly fascinated with the wall of plush animals, and I even found a necklace with my daughter’s name on it in the gift section that I purchased for myself.

Next door to Mr. G’s for Kids, is a great store that has everything with a Palm Springs feel – perfect for souvenirs for your day trip: Destination PSP. It is filled with trinkets, house decor, ornaments, cocktail glasses and more that are mid-century modern and googie. Some of my favorite things I saw on my recent visit to the store were their cocktail glasses, and these amazing tissue boxes that were locally made and inspired by the houses in Palm Springs.

Tissue boxes made locally and sold at Destination PSP
Googie cocktail glasses at Destination PSP

Another favorite store that we love to visit that has something for everyone is Oooh La La in Palm Springs, located at 275 S Palm Canyon Dr. It has three stores within one store. Oooh La La which is clothing and accessories for women, Puppy La La which has dog fashion, collars and leashes, and Baby La La, which has toys, clothing, and books for kids. This boutique is absolutely gorgeous, with high quality items to shop, plus the employees are always amazingly nice and friendly!

Palm Springs Day Trip itinerary
Palm Springs day trip itinerary
Exploring the unicorn section at Baby La La


End Your Day Enjoying Delicious Cocktails and food!

In my opinion, the best part of a trip to Palm Springs is trying a new locally-owned place to eat and enjoy some cocktails! If it has outdoor seating to enjoy the scenery, all the better. Azucar Restaurant and Bar located at 339 S Belardo Rd is one of my favorite places to visit during a Palm Springs day trip!

Palm Springs Day Trip
Entrance to Azucar

There is indoor seating located at Azucar, that has large glass windows that overlook the pool at the hotel its located at. The indoor has a beautiful bar, as well as a wall lined with art of Frida Kahlo (it’s one of the best places to grab a drink and an Instagram pic all in one)!

Palm Springs day trip itinerary
Inside Azucar Restaurant and bar

There are two outside eating area options at Azucar, one outside overlooking the pool (and is a dog-friendly area to eat), and the other is the rooftop bar called Sugar High, which has a fireplace, lounge chairs, sugar skull artwork, and of course an amazing view of the desert mountains and palm trees! It is definitely an amazing hidden gem of a place in Palm Springs to visit!

Palm Springs day trip itinerary
Rooftop eating area adjacent to Sugar High bar atop Azucar

Of course, scenery of a restaurant is a big draw, but food and drinks are incredibly important! I’m a vegetarian, and loved the options available at Azucar. I ordered their beautiful pita, vegetable, and hummus plate as well as their cauliflower tacos. For a cocktail, I ordered the Joshua Tree, which is a gin-based cocktail with sage.

Palm Springs day trip itinerary


Plan Your Own Trip!

We always love to visit the magic and charm of Palm Springs, CA multiple times a year. And if you’re in Southern California it’s the perfect day trip. To learn more about what you can explore in Palm Springs, and to create your own day trip itinerary, head to Visit Palm Springs website here!


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Palm Springs day trip itinerary

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