Eating All-Natural Food at Disney Parks

Eating All-Natural Food at Disney Parks

Eating All-Natural Food at Disney Parks

With healthy eating and going to the Disney Parks as my two biggest passions, I love to do some research and find out the healthiest eating options for the Disney Parks! I look into what’s vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, vegetarian, low calorie…it’s so easy to keep a healthy and enjoyable eating lifestyle while at Disney, if you know what to order. This week’s healthy eating at the Parks isn’t a specific restaurant, but rather one of my favorite ways to eat whole, all-natural food at the Disney Parks: through snacks!

I have been trying to be more consistent about eating whole foods, and the Disney Parks over the past couple years have been adding some amazing selections to their snack stands to make this possible. There are amazing snacks, from hummus & pretzels, grapes, pineapple, pickles, to even strawberries with chocolate to dip! Whether you want something nourishing, salty, or sweet, you can snack guilt-free, and for the same price as the regular Disney restaurants.

Where Can I Go?

Eating All-Natural Food at Disney Parks

Photo Credit: Disney

The all-natural snack stands at the Disney Parks are becoming wider in selection, and popping up in more locations:


  • The cart right outside the Main Street Starbuck’s (you can always grab a latte or coffee to go with your snacks!)
  • Snack options inside the Markethouse Starbucks on Main Street
  • My favorite and most abundant location: Tropical Imports, right outside of Jungle Cruise
  • In the middle of Toontown
  • Fruit stand in Tomorrowland, across from Star Traders entrance

Disney California Adventure:

  • Fairfax Market across from the Animation Building
  • Filmore’s Taste-In in Carsland
  • Large snack area near the locker rooms on Buena Vista Street
  • Snack options such as yogurt parfaits, caprese plates, etc at the Fiddler, Fifer, Practical Cafe on Buena Vista Street.

Magic Kingdom

  • Prince Eric’s Village Market in Fantasyland
  • Liberty Square Market across from the Riverboat


  • The Land Cart in Future World
  • Some snacks at Fountain View in Future World

Disney Hollywood Studios

  • Anaheim Produce on Sunset Blvd

Animal Kingdom

  • Harambe Fruit Market across from Kilimanjaro Safaris
  • Terra Treats on Discovery Island

Why have snacks for a meal?

When I go to the parks and aim to buy these all-natural snacks in place of a meal, I normally buy a selection of 3-4 (more depending on if I’m sharing). On my most recent trip to Disneyland, I bought strawberries with chocolate dip, hummus & pretzels, veggies with light ranch, and an iced black coffee all for only $13.

Eating All-Natural Food at Disney Parks

This came as a great value, the snack portions are large so my husband and I split them. In addition to the great cost, some other benefits are:

  • You can make sure to get all your food groups in! You can buy a fruit item, veggie, item, something with protein (like hummus or nuts), and a grain item (like pretzels). You don’t have to worry about a meal that’s too heavy in just one or two food groups.
  • You will be full for longer, since whole foods have more water and nutrients, they keep you fueled for a longer amount of time.
  • Beautiful in photographs! Who doesn’t like to Instagram their foods while visiting a Disney park? A lot of times foods that are red, brown, or more bland in color don’t photograph well. If you go with whole foods, you are sure to get a prettier picture.
  • Less waste. Buying an array of snacks to have instead of a regular quick service meal will cut down on food waste. Often times Disney’s large portions can go to waste, but you have more control over the amount of food you get when you are choosing how many snacks to buy. Not to mention, all of the snack items come in containers so it’s easier to keep on-the-go and save for later.

What is your favorite healthy snack to get at the Disney Parks? Do you have any other favorite locations to snag all-natural foods at Disney?

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